Sheila’s new collection is here! Captivate shimmers in 9ct yellow gold…

Captivate Collection

Captivate is the latest full collection Sheila has designed. Necklets, pendants and earrings are now all complete and the rings are due to follow very soon! Keep an eye on our Facebook page…

Captivate necklet Captivate earrings

Our gold necklet is a statement piece, showing Sheila’s contemporary design in all its wonderful detail while the gold drop earrings make an elegant accompanying set.  Both the gold and platinum designs have matt pebbles surrounded by polished metal.

Inspired by Scotland

Sheila has long been fascinated by rock structures, textures and natural eroded forms. In addition she’s been thinking about Scottish Gold this year…  Scotland’s first gold mine opened at Cononish on the west coast of Scotland just over a year ago. Sheila visited the mine on its official opening day and was literally “captivated” by the stunning landscape and beautiful Cononish river.

Cononish river

Flowing from the mountains where the gold mine sits, Cononish river contains traces of gold. As cascading water washes over softer rock minerals and particles are set free, only to be caught again in crevices further downstream. Tiny granules of gold are often captured in this way and this natural phenomenon led Sheila to create Captivate.

Making Captivate

Sheila’s collections always start with sketches. Together with her master pattern maker, Pete, the paper sketches are turned into precious silver. Sheila and Pete study each sketch and break the drawing down into silver components which Pete then makes.

Making Captivate

Patience and precision are essential! The large Captivate design alone consists of 21 different elements. After trying various set ups Pete fuses Sheila’s final arrangement together using a heat source.

Making Captivate Making Captivate

This process darkens the silver but after Pete gives the piece a careful polish it returns to its beautiful silver patina.

Silver Captivate

The completed silver pendant features an oxidised, polished finish to highlight the silver pebbles. The matching stud earrings are bold yet delicate at the same time.

Silver Captivate pendant Captivate Earrings

We hope you enjoy Sheila’s new collection! Captivate will be available exclusively from Sheila’s shops and website until the end of 2017.