A jewellery gallery inspired by the night sky!

Sheila is delighted to open this brand-new gallery in the heart of historic St Andrews. Working closely with Orcadian Artist and Interior Designer Marion Yorston on the design of the shop, they present you with a fusion of their unique talents.

Enjoy an experience where all your senses are awakened by this unique interior and by Sheila’s extensive collection of jewellery. Halos of light draw you through the space, from a very white space in the entrance, representing daylight, down to a dark space at the rear of the shop, representing night.

Make sure to glance up while you walk around! At the entrance of the shop, you’ll find a constellation dome where the stars of the Northern Hemisphere have been plotted. These twinkle and slowly fade in and out. 

Interior Designer Marion Yorston plotting the stars of the Northern Hemisphere

Step further in and a planetarium has been installed, featuring a choreographed film and soundtrack showcasing the story of the birth of the Universe and close-up shots of the elements we have here on Earth, many of which have inspired Sheila’s designs.

Enjoy the immersive experience while browsing Sheila’s vast range of collections and designer rings, all designed and made in Scotland. Our team will be happy to help you and answer any questions when you visit.

Opening Times

🎄 Closed 25-26 December & 1-2 January 🎄

COVID-19 & extra safety measures

Our St Andrews Gallery operates in line with Scottish Government guidance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your patience with the new shop measures we have introduced. Please note that face coverings must be worn by all visitors.

Contact Details

Address Sheila Fleet St Andrews
2 Bell Street
St Andrews
KY16 9UX
Tel +44 (0)1334 460693
Email standrews@sheilafleet.com


Our St Andrews Gallery is located on Bell Street, just off North St, in the centre of the historic town. The shop is a short 5 minute walk from both the bus station and the University of St Andrews.