As we celebrate six years since the opening of the iconic Kirk Gallery & Café, we’re looking back at the interior design journey we’ve had over the years...

Every detail in The Kirk has had Sheila and her son Martin’s personal attention. From repurposing original features such as the church pews, which are now beautiful benches in The Kirk Café, to the development of new jewellery cabinets within the Kirk Gallery that simulate the original placement of those pews.

The original church pews now repurposed in The Kirk Café

Recently we've welcomed an incredible addition to The Kirk. This stunning tiger oak wood sideboard, hand-made by Leo Kerr and his team, is the new centre of attention in the Kirk Café.

The new tiger oak wood sideboard hand-made by Leo Kerr and his team

“The stripe effect in tiger oak is caused by a beefsteak fungus that grows on the side of the tree and creates a beautiful, distinctive grain”, said Leo. “These boards were felled, and hand selected by my father Colin nearly 40 years ago! I’ve been holding on to the wood ever since for just the right project.”

The Sheila Fleet team are delighted to have this beautiful creation in place in The Kirk Café where people from all over the world will be able to enjoy it.

Leo Kerr is a renowned building contractor and furniture designer based in Orkney. Some of his most popular designs are his bespoke mirrors, made using the finest Scottish hardwoods, hand-selected from local sawmills. You can view Leo’s beautiful mirrors in The Kirk Gallery, and in our Kirkwall Gallery and Edinburgh Gallery.

“After 30 years of woodwork and building experience, I thoroughly enjoy creating one-of-a-kind commissions. Our bespoke mirrors in contemporary and stylish designs, showcase some of the finest Scottish wood available. No two mirrors are ever the same.”

Moon Ocean Mirror | River Mirror in The Kirk Gallery

Leo played a significant role in bringing many of Sheila and Martin’s visions to life in The Kirk Gallery & Café, including the central banquet table and dining chairs. Along with the new tiger oak sideboard, these all feature stained glass upcycled from some of the original Kirk windows. And eagle-eyed customers will even spot Leo’s carving of Sheila's first jewellery design, Birsay Disc, embedded in the Kirk's original wooden ceiling.

Leo carving the wooden Birsay Disc for The Kirk

Whether you’re a local or someone planning to visit Orkney this year, we invite you to ‘take a pew’ in The Kirk Café and enjoy this beautifully renovated former parish church. Enjoy a dish from our delicious menu that showcases some of the finest local produce, browse Sheila’s extensive range of jewellery collections, and discover a beautiful range of giftware by local craftspeople in our ostairs gallery.