Mother's Day is just around the corner here in the UK, which means it's time to celebrate mums, step-mums, mother-in-laws, grannies, and¬†any motherly figures in our lives, more than we already do ūü•į

Sheila has a variety of designs that we're sure your loved ones will admire such as Snowdrop, Daisies and Wild Grasses. But what about matching jewellery, or something that can be collected over time?

Our Tiny Treasures collection is all about the dainty pendants in Sheila's collections. These cute pendants are not only ideal to collect over time and layer in different ways, but also a lovely way to match your loved one's personality, no matter what their age! They're a perfect gift idea for Mother's Day.

Keep scrolling for some style and layering inspiration...

Whether you style your look with one, two, or three necklaces, these Tiny Treasures are easy-to-wear on all occasions! Create themes with our collections or mix and match enamel colours. Take a look below at some of our favourite sets to put together...

For the Sea Enthusiasts...

These adorable pendants from Sheila's Pentland, Tidal Treasures and River Ripples collections are a perfect set if you or your loved one is a sea-fanatic! 

For the Nature Lovers...

Sheila has lots of collections inspired by nature, but we especially love this combination using her Honeybee and Daisies designs! Mixing and matching pendant sizes, shapes and styles is a key tip for how to layer necklaces perfectly.

Top Tip: Select different chain lengths to create the perfect layer! We have adjustable 16-18" and 18-20" lengths available. If layering three necklaces, wear them at 16", 18" and 20" lengths for the ideal look.

For Adding a Pop of Colour...

Sheila's granddaughter Holly is‚ÄĒvery cutely!‚ÄĒshowing us how to play¬†with colour when it comes to styling your layer. Colours you¬†might not normally¬†choose to wear together¬†might surprise you when it comes to actually trying them on. Be brave and go all-out in your enamel colour choices!

Within our Tiny Treasures range, we have many different-sized pendants that are perfect for you and your 'mini me'! Here are some of our current favourites, especially for Mother's Day...

Daisies at Dawn

A classic collection loved by all ages, Sheila's Daisies at Dawn designs, along with her other floral collections, are a lovely gift for Mother's Day. What's better than flowers that will last a lifetime?! 

Holly Blue Butterfly

Holly Blue Butterfly is one of Sheila's recent collections and was inspired by a red admiral landing on her granddaughter Holly's head! Keep your eyes peeled for more designs coming this year...

Secret Hearts

Although Sheila's Secret Hearts pendant represents a heart, the design was actually inspired by the shape of the petals in the Primula Scotica flower, commonly known as the Scottish Primrose. This rare flower is found only in Orkney, and along the north coast of Scotland in Sutherland and Caithness.


These small, delicate flowers herald the beginning of spring, and are a welcome sign of life and renewal. As we enter each new year with new resolutions and goals, Snowdrops are beautiful flowers that evoke new beginnings.


Thousands of years ago at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney, people carved hollows or cup-marks of various sizes in rough rock, perhaps to signify an event or to follow the passage of time as the moon waxed and waned. Sheila’s Lunar designs are textured like the surface of rock and enamelled in a variety of colours.


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