There's almost no limit to what can inspire Sheila's jewellery designs, but her island-home of Orkney has of course played a huge part! For Sheila's Secret Hearts collection, it was more than just a simple heart that inspired the design...

Back in 2006, Sheila became interested in the beautiful heart-shaped petals of Primula Scotica, or Scottish Primrose, a tiny, rare flower, endemic to Orkney and the north coast of Scotland. Sheila designed her Primula Scotica collection based on the actual size of the flower—about 8mm—and its five heart-shaped petals. 

Primula Scotica Petite Cubic Zirconia Pendant in Hot Pink Enamel

For her Secret Hearts collection, Sheila took the heart shape of an individual Primula Scotica petal and turned it into a beautifully delicate design, enhanced by a classic deep red enamel. The collection, perfect for Valentine's Day, is also available in 9ct yellow and rose gold, with some designs hand-set with diamonds and other gemstones.

Secret Hearts Ruby Pendant Necklace in 9ct Yellow Gold

The 'secret' aspect of Secret Hearts comes from the fact the charming pendant is reversible: Hearts of silver and gold can be worn either way, depending on which side the wearer wishes to reveal.

Your pendant can be worn revealing the enamelled or polished side!

In 2023, Sheila added a larger pendant and smaller stud earrings to the collection, Here at the Sheila Fleet Jewellery workshop, we love to layer the two pendant sizes together!

If you're looking to gift a piece of jewellery to your loved one this Valentine's Day, we think Sheila's Secret Hearts collection is the perfect fit ❤️

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