For us the festive season started way back in September when we began taking Christmas orders from around the globe!

Christmas is an enjoyable time at the workshop but in reality we spend almost half of our working year preparing ourselves for this surge in orders!

We love chatting to customers about what they are buying and who it’s for and we can always guarantee at least one Sheila Fleet Jewellery proposal on Christmas day which is just lovely to think about when we’re gathered round our own trees at home.

If you’re just starting your Christmas shopping then don’t worry! We’re well organised so that you don’t have to be.

Here is a glimpse at our newest collection; the perfect gift for a loved one perhaps?

Our Snowdrop collection has been in development for some time and now we can share it with you though some pieces are still to come and will be making an appearance in the new year!

Snowdrop collection

Sheila was first inspired to design this collection when taking a walk through the woodland at Forss in Caithness; the sight of thousands of snowdrops carpeting the forest floor was enough to spark an idea and now we have our completed design just in time for Christmas.

Our Morning Dew collection is another winter treat, though we seem to have bypassed dew and gone straight to frost this year!

These pieces are truly elegant and will make the perfect glittering addition to your Christmas party dress.

Sheila was inspired to design this collection by a photograph taken by Rick that captured the morning dew on spider webs in the grass; the resulting jewellery is wonderfully eye catching and glimmering.

We have pendants, earrings, necklets, rings and bracelets in both gold and silver and an added diamond or cubic zirconia makes each piece extra special.

For a closer look at these collections pop over to our jewellery page and remember that you can give us a call to discuss any questions you might have.