Summer doesn't only bring warmer weather and blue skies, but an array of events to add to your calendar! 

From weddings, to birthdays, to graduations, along with various other occasions filling up our summertime schedules, we are bringing you the ultimate Sheila Fleet Jewellery summer gift guide to keep you covered! From floral, to sea inspired jewellery, this is our top 12 jewellery designs to gift this summer, all for under £99!

1. Daisies at Dawn Petite Enamel Pendant

This popular sterling silver Daisies at Dawn pendant necklace features a petite daisy delicately dropping from a silver chain.

2. Matrix Band in Sterling Silver

This textured Matrix ring in sterling silver features a textured band, hand-finished in our Orkney workshop. This classic ring is beautiful worn on it's own or stacked.

3. River Ripples Small Pendant Necklace

This small River Ripples pendant in sterling silver features a delicate ripple design, inspired by the ripples found on sandy shorelines after water has passed over. This popular necklace is available in an array of enamel colours, these are only a few!

4. Bumblebee Single-Bee Bracelet in Sterling Silver

This Bumblebee bracelet in sterling silver features a single, cheerful bee, hand-enamelled in vibrant yellow and inky black enamels.

5. Pentland Enamel Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

Sheila based her Pentland collection on the Pentland Firth, the sea that separates Orkney from Caithness in the north of Scotland. This stretch of water has some of the strongest tides in the world and Sheila’s design captures the drama, movements and motions of the waves.

6. River Ripples Sterling Silver Ring

The elegant, free-flowing design of Sheila’s River Ripples collection was inspired by the ripples found on sandy shorelines after water has passed over. The piece is enamelled in Sheila's 'Tropical' enamel colourway.

7. Seasons Silver Petite Stud Earrings in Summer Enamel

These petite sterling silver Seasons stud earrings feature two silver leaf shapes, one of which is highlighted in 'Summer' enamel.

8. Rowan Single-Leaf Pendant Necklace in Frost Enamel with Cubic Zirconia

This sterling silver Rowan Pendant features a single leaf in Frost enamel on a flowing silver branch, hanging elegantly on a sterling silver curb chain. The piece is beautifully enhanced with a cubic zirconia, set by hand in our Orkney Workshop.

9. Primula Scotica Petite CZ Stud Earrings in Forget-Me-Not Blue

The beautiful and rare Primula Scotica flower was the inspiration for this collection. These tiny flowers are only found in Orkney, Caithness and North Sutherland, usually near coastline. Sheila designed her collection to match the actual size of the flower with its five heart-shaped petals.

10. Wild Grasses Cubic Zirconia Ring in Meadow Enamel

This Wild Grasses ring features a single overlapping strand of sterling silver representing the delicate form of marram grass.  The ring is enamelled in Sheila's 'Meadow' enamel colourway.

11. Secret Hearts Enamel Pendant in Sterling Silver

This Secret Hearts pendant in sterling silver features a single enamelled heart design, delicately hanging from a silver curb chain. The design is hand-enamelled in our Orkney workshop.12. Honeycomb Small Double Link Necklace in Sterling Silver

12. Snowdrop Sterling Silver Stud Earrings in Crystal Enamel

A walk through woodland at Forss in Caithness inspired Sheila to capture the beauty and spirit of the Snowdrop. These small, delicate flowers herald the beginning of spring, and are a welcome sign of life and renewal.

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