It was a beautiful, spring time walk through the woodland at Forss, Caithness, that inspired Sheila to create one our most popular collections to-date; Snowdrop.

A wave of tiny white flowers, carpeting the forest floor is Mother Nature’s way of saying “warmer weather’s coming, I promise” and, as ever, she was right.

Snowdrop earrings

With the Easter weekend doused in a blast of sunshine and warmer climes, it wasn’t long before we were reaching for brighter colours and springtime-inspired pieces of jewellery to match.

We love how Sheila captures the delicate unfurling of these tiny flowers; awakened from their slumber by the ‘drip drip drop’ of little April showers.

Handcrafted in precious silver, the enamel – a shade called ‘crystal leaf’ – isn’t the rich green you might normally associate with snowdrops.


Instead this shimmering shade is reminiscent of a spring morning dew or perhaps even a surprise frost that can still catch us off guard as late in the year as May.

For those who prefer fewer colours and more simplicity, we think the 9ct old Snowdrop Collection is just divine.

A balance of smooth and textured gold serves to catch the light in the right places, emphasising the curve and flow of nature at work.

One of our most popular collections, Snowdrop has been causing quite a stir with brides-to-be.

Enamelled snowdrops

We can’t imagine a more fitting piece of floral-inspired jewellery for a spring time wedding; especially when it’s as if the ‘crystal’ enamel is a match made in heaven for a white wedding gown!

To see the Snowdrop Collection first hand, be sure to visit any of our stores in Glasgow, Kirkwall, Edinburgh and Loch Lomond.

And as the daffodils, tulips and snowdrops of this year gradually return to sleep once more, you’ll most certainly have a momento to remember them by until next spring.