Ever planned a visit to a shop or gallery and spent time beforehand wondering what it might be like?

Now thanks to the clever people at Google Street View, visitors are able to tour our shops in Edinburgh and Orkney before they visit!

Google Maps is famed for allowing travellers, tourists and the downright curious to see even the most remote parts of the world – parts of the Amazon rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef being no exception.

Google Business Photos goes one step further, allowing future visitors to step inside buildings and take a high definition, 360 degree virtual tour of hotels, shops, restaurants and car show rooms.

Google maps screenshot 1

Our shops in Stockbridge and Kirkwall were visited by the Google team who were keen to include Sheila Fleet Jewellery in the new service.

Using a camera and tripod, photographers captured every aspect of both shops before stitching the images together to create the finished result.

Why not take a look for yourself at our shops in Stockbridge and Kirkwall.

Google maps screenshot 2

If you’ve not visited our shops before you’ll notice the array of different things we have available, other than just jewellery.

In particular, clothing that is designed and handmade in Orkney, beautiful cards for special occasions and, of course, Shetland’s original teddy bear – The Burra Bears! How many can you spot in our Edinburgh shop?

The virtual tour of our Kirkwall shop even allows you to go upstairs and view the additional gallery space we have which is full of beautiful pieces of pottery, cosy knitwear, framed artwork and soft furnishings which are all made in Scotland and the UK.

Google maps screenshot 3

We can’t wait to have a look at the other types of venues available on Google Street View…certainly very handy when you’re booking accommodation for holiday’s or a table in a restaurant and want to pick the best seat in the house!