Scotgold Resources have chosen Sheila Fleet to receive Scottish Gold!  Sheila is thrilled to be one of only two authorised jewellers who will have this special gold. Scotgold extracts Scottish Gold from mountains in the West of Scotland near Tyndrum. This is the first gold Scotgold have made available to jewellers so Sheila is looking forward to making some Scottish Gold Jewellery!

The only other gold yet seen from Cononish exists as 12 beautiful coins or ‘Rounds’. These Rounds were auctioned at the end of last year and Sheila was delighted to take Round Six back home to Orkney.

First round of Scottish Gold

New Scottish Gold Jewellery Designs

Now Sheila is busy filling her sketch pad with new designs for some stunning Scottish Gold rings. Indeed keep your eyes open for her new Ogham rings. These rings are incised with Scotland’s oldest known script and read ‘A Blessing’. Sheila is keen to see how they will look in Scottish Gold. Some of her existing designs would also work very well in Scottish Gold. For example, the elegant Solitaire engagement ring.

Making Scottish Jewellery Ogham ring

Scottish Yellow, White and Rose Gold

Sheila and Martin plan to have three different types of Scottish Gold, all in 18 carat. The three golds will each have their own luxurious colour.

Yellow gold is the colour most people know; this is traditional, natural gold. 18 carat Scottish Yellow Gold is sure to be a wonderful, sumptuous precious metal. With enamel it will be truly unique and perhaps the first time any gold from Scotland will have been enamelled.

New Wave ring

Alloyed with other metals Scottish Gold will also be available as 18 carat Scottish Rose Gold and 18 carat Scottish White Gold. We’re looking forward to seeing the Matrix rings in yellow, white and rose 18 carat Scottish Gold…

Matrix rings

Making Scottish Gold Jewellery in the Workshop

Sheila is organising processes in the Workshop to ensure the Scottish Gold remains separate from our other golds at each stage of making.

Cononish Gold is subject to a rigorous Chain of Custody. The Edinburgh Assay Office monitor and record the movement of gold from the mine, through alloying, to arriving with us. Only gold they verify as Scottish Gold is stamped with Scotgold’s Precious Metals Mark. All the gold in the rings must be gold from the Cononish mine before the Mark can be awarded.

If you’d like to know a bit more about the process and who is involved then take a look at our webpage on Scottish Gold.

The jewellers will be making Sheila’s Scottish Gold rings, as all her jewellery, on benches like this one:

Workshop bench

Such benches are typical of a traditional Workshop although the view in Sheila’s original Workshop is exceptional. Not many people have a Workshop beside the sea… This is looking over Mill Sands out to Mull Head in Deerness.

The Tidal ring is another piece Sheila is longing to make in Scottish gold – especially in the three tones of gold…

Tidal ring

Supply of these unique metals from Cononish will be limited so we are working on a first come, first served basis. If you’d like to register your interest then give Martin a call on 01856 861 203 or email

Scottish gold

Rings mined, designed and made in Scotland will be truly special… We’re hoping the Cononish Scottish Gold will be with us very soon!