Needing some Valentine's Day gift inspiration? Look no further! We have you covered with a range of stunning jewellery designs perfect for all budgets. Jewellery is a gift that lasts a lifetime and will always be cherished, so it's a great way of showing your love to the special people in your life!

Here are our current 10 favourite designs to gift on Valentine's Day... ❤️

1. Secret Hearts Enamel Pendant in Sterling Silver - £73

Hearts... You can't go wrong with them on Valentine's Day! And we have you covered with Sheila's Secret Hearts collection that holds a range of heart-themed designs. Our enamelled pendant is a favourite and a very versatile design to wear.

2. Runic Ring in Sterling Silver - £106

This unisex ring from Sheila's Runic collection holds a secret message that reads ‘Enduring, Strength and Unity’. 

3. Halo Rings - £107

Show you know your loved one by surprising them with an enamelled ring in their favourite colour! Sheila's Halo rings are great for adding a pop of colour to your hand and ideal for stacking in various combinations 🌈

4. Kiss Diamond Pendant in Silver & 9ct Yellow Gold - £323

This Kiss pendant necklace features two elegant curves, one in sterling silver, the other in 9ct yellow gold, clasping a 2.4mm diamond. Sheila's Kiss collection is a romantic interpretation of the natural wild grasses of Orkney’s windswept northern landscape.

5. Lover’s Knot Sterling Silver Cufflinks £151

These Lover’s Knot cufflinks in sterling silver are hand-finished in our Orkney workshop. This collection was inspired by the traditional Lover’s Knot, a knot which is not readily undone, dating back many centuries to the art of the Celts. Two interlocking lines knot together to make one pattern.

6. A Dazzling Diamond Ring

Whether it's to pop that special question, show your love, or you just want to dazzle with a diamond, Sheila's stunning range of contemporary and traditional diamond rings are sure to impress! 💍

7. Daisies at Dawn Enamel Stud Earrings - £105

Flowers that last a lifetime, you can't go wrong with that! 💐 Sheila has various floral-themed designs, but these daisy studs are a firm favourite, particularly as we move towards spring.                                                           

8. Ogham Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver - £133

Sheila's Ogham collection is inspired by an Ogham inscription on the Buckquoy spindle-whorl stone, dating from the Early Middle Ages, and found at Buckquoy in Birsay, Orkney, in 1970. The inscription in Ogham is believed to read ‘a blessing on the soul’.

9. Holly Blue Butterfly Silver & Enamel Stretch Bracelet - £107

If your loved one is a nature lover, we've got just what you need! Sheila has a range of nature-inspired collections, including Honeybee, Dragonfly and Butterfly. We're loving this Butterfly Stretch Bracelet just now! 

10. Celtic Twist Band in Sterling Silver - £97

Love, loyalty and friendship; the Celtic knot, a loop with no beginning or end, is said to represent the endurance of all of these. Similarly, the ring is a symbol of infinity; an endless loop, symbolising eternity.

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