Having worked with the company for three and a half years our enamel co-ordinator Erica has a wealth of knowledge to share. Today she’s describing her role with the company and telling us what she gets up to in her spare time:

Erica at work

“My job is to co-ordinate the enamel room which means ensuring that we have enough of our enamellers working at any one time and ordering enamel so that we don’t run out!
“I also liaise with Sheila when she’s designing a new piece of jewellery and try to assist her with colour choices although she’s usually got a good idea of what she wants.

Erica filling in Creel

“The best part of my job is experimenting with enamel colours and getting involved with collections as they are being developed, I just love seeing the new jewellery in its design stages.”

The team here at Sheila Fleet Jewellery are highly knowledgeable about what we do and Erica and the enamel team can answer any of your enamelling questions.

Enamelling team

“Most people don’t know what enamel is so the first question we are usually asked is ‘what is it?’
“People don’t know that enamel is made from ground glass so it’s great to tell them about it.
“A lot of people ask about what we use to enamel and are shocked when we tell them about our quills. We get them from geese mainly and we use them because they are far more precise than brushes.

Enamelling flight

“I’ve never even used a brush to enamel! The traditional way works so well, why change it?”
When Erica isn’t at work she can be found singing in her local choir, planning her wedding and enjoying the lovely landscape of Orkney.

“My wedding is in June next year but I’m trying not to talk about it too much so everyone in the enamel room doesn’t get bored!
“I love St Magnus cathedral at Kirkwall but no matter where you are on Orkney there is always something nice to look at!”


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