We’re loving Mother’s Day at Sheila Fleet Jewellery. We have fun selecting the special pieces Sheila has hand-picked for mothers this year AND we have a photoshoot!

Loving Mother’s Day Photoshoot

This year Sheila asked her niece, Norna, and her daughter, Jenna, to be her mother-and-daughter models. Much laughter and hilarity followed but we did manage to get many lovely shots including this one… perhaps you see a resemblance to Sheila in Norna?

Norna and Jenna

Twilight Skyran Set

Like Sheila, Norna trained at Edinburgh College of Art. She was in the same year as Jenna Hume of Hume Sweet Hume after whom her daughter is named. To complement Sheila’s jewellery, Norna and Jenna are wearing designer knitwear garments made in Orkney by Jenna Hume and her sister, Lizza.

Norna suits statement jewellery and Sheila chose a necklet from her iconic Skyran collection for her. You might notice the colour in the necklet above is rather unusual – it’s Storm enamel which has a green hue. The set on our website is in Twilight enamel, a colour inspired by the evening sky.

Skyran necklet Skyran earrings Skyran bracelet

If you look closely you’ll see all the pieces carry an inscription. This is ancient Ogham script, the earliest form of writing found in Orkney. The message on the necklet reads ‘A Blessing on the Soul’, the earrings read ‘She’, and the bracelet ‘Moon’.

Spring Green Lunar Set

Daughter Jenna is wearing one of Sheila’s recent collections, Lunar Bright. Although inspired by ancient art found at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney, this is a contemporary design. In vibrant Spring Green enamel it makes a stunning fashion accessory and looks wonderful on Jenna. You might see Jenna wearing this, she works for Sheila in the Kirkwall Gallery on Saturdays.

Green lunar earrings Green lunar triple pendant Green lunar ring

These pieces are also available in two other bright colours, Hot Pink and Light Tropical.

NEW 18ct Gold Snowdrops

Mother’s Day is always very special because mothers are so unique to us. It’s a time to thank all the mothers we’re lucky enough still to have with us and to cherish the memory of those we’ll never forget.

So to help you, Sheila has hand-picked a selection of jewellery for mothers. Her choice includes iconic designs like Skyran, contemporary collections like Lunar and some beautiful gold flowers. The Snowdrop pendant and matching earrings below are brand new…

snowdrop pendant snowdrop earrings

This is Snowdrop crafted in 18ct yellow gold. Leaf enamel creates the green stems and our new Opal White enamel lends a translucent light to the soft petals. Spring is just round the corner once Mother’s Day comes and delicate Snowdrops peeping through the snow are always a welcome sight.

Spring Colours for Mothers

With this in mind we gathered some other Spring pieces… Our Spring Green enamel and sparkling Peridots gems are as fresh as new green grass and the first crocus shoots…

green lunar pearl ring Green matrix gold ring

This is Lunar Pearl in gold with our Matrix gold ring set. We hope you enjoy exploring many more bold designs, beautiful enamel colours and bright gemstones.

Norna and Jenna

Loving Mother’s Day… proud mother Norna with daughter Jenna, like diamonds, mothers are forever…

We wish you a Mother’s Day full of love.

All Sheila’s jewellery is designed and made in her Workshop by the sea in the Orkney Islands.