The Collections

"I'm inspired by where I live". Here we present Sheila's collections according to their inspiration. Enjoy exploring... each has a story.

Latest Collections

Every new day can bring a new idea from a shape, movement, play of light and colour or from a story or legend. These are the designs Sheila are recently been busy sketching, crafting and perfecting.

Classic favourites

Classic Favourites

From classic collections like Pentland to iconic favourites like Creel, we have gathered some of Sheila's most enduringly popular jewellery and rings together here. Many interpret themes close to Sheila's heart and each has a story of its own. Every piece is made to order specially for you.

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Inspired By

The Land

Sheila has long been fascinated by Orkney's landscape, cliffs and shores and the structure and texture of Scotland's rock formations.

The Sea

The movement, colour and ever-changing sculptural forms of the sea have inspired many of Sheila's most iconic collections.

The Sky

The heavens hold many wonders of Nature from a bright rainbow to a mysterious moon.


Nature's infinite spectrum of shapes and colours is a constant inspiration to Sheila: flowers, trees, leaves, grasses, birds and natural phenomena.


Ancient powers, modern design. These collections draw on places of ceremony and ritual over thousands of years.


Legends, stories and our cultural heritage are behind these varied and fascinating designs.

The Contemporary

Cutting edge design, modern lines and quiet sophistication characterize these collections.


Different designs both traditional and contemporary that say "I love you". Many are connected with legends and stories of love.


Strong castles, past cultures, stunning landscape and lochs. Sheila has interpreted Scotland in many different designs.


Sheila's earliest and most enduring inspiration, the islands where she was born, where she lives and where all her jewellery is made.

Celtic Design

Once created on parchment and stone Sheila has given Celtic interlace artwork a contemporary beauty in silver and gold.