When Sheila is designing a jewellery collection it doesn’t all come at the same time and often we end up with a ring first. It is unusual to have three at once though!
When we spoke to Sheila she explained her design process:

New collections

“Rings are very different to the rest of a collection and unless a client asks me to design a pendant specifically then I will usually start with the ring and work my way towards the full collection.

“This is very much the case with the Sea Motion, Lava Stream And Matrix collections and they have all come to fruition at the same time! It will be exciting to have three full collections in the near future.”

Lava Stream

Lava Stream ring

As you can see this ring is very much inspired by the movement of lava under the earth’s crust. The split in the middle of the ring showcases the beautiful red and orange enamels that we produce and is really reflective of the image of flowing lava fields.

This ring is also available in Pentland enamel which reflects the deep blues of the Pentland Firth and Surf which showcases the lighter blue greens of the waves as they come to shore.

Surf ring


Sheila has always had a strong love of geology and this ring comes from that passion for texture. The ring resembles the rough surface of the rocks at Yeasnby and the gemstones which are found in the matrix of the earth’s crust.

Matrix ring

Sea Motion

Sea sunset

Sheila cited the mesmerising qualities of the sea on one particular holiday as her inspiration for this ring. The calming effect that the ocean has on us is echoed in the design and the waves of the ocean are represented through silver highlights in the enamel.

Sea Motion ring

Our rings are created and made by us so you should always ask if you don’t see your size available. We will always try to accommodate our customers’ wishes so get in touch! Call us on 01856 861203.