Have you seen our Jenners Windows this year? They are filling the street with waves of silver and gold…

Jenners Windows

The sea has always fascinated Sheila. Perhaps it’s because she grew up beside the Pentland Firth and Scapa Flow in Orkney, and the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea surround these islands. Indeed, the sea’s continuous motion, forms and deep colours are a constant source of inspiration to her. So for our 2017 display Sheila chose the sea. Gina, our graphic designer, set to work. Soon she selected a wonderful picture of a long wave and one of Sheila’s iconic designs… recognize it maybe?

Jenners Windows Showcases

As well as the huge wave graphics, each window contains a showcase box of Sheila’s designer jewellery. There are ten showcases in total, giving Eva, our display expert, a very busy time before installation! Each jewellery display has to be carried with extreme care from the set-up room in Jenners to the window showcase box, don’t trip!

Jenners Showcases in production

Sheila’s recent Lunar design features among her showcase displays. Shown above is Lunar Bright in Tropical, a newly-developed enamel colour, think of the sun and iridescent blue seas… This colour is currently exclusive to our Shops but our website has other new Lunar Bright colours.

As this year is about the sea many of the displays show collections inspired by the sea such as Tidal, Tidal Treasures & Creel, Pentland and Shoreline Pebble. Also highlighted is the Atlantic Swell collection – it’s display shows silver and enamel jewellery, noticing anything about the graphic?

Jenners Windows showcase Jenners Showcase close-up

Every Jenners Windows showcase features a wonderful selection of Sheila’s distinctive jewellery and rings in silver with vibrant enamel colours. If you’d like to see some of Sheila’s designs in white gold, rose gold, 18ct yellow gold with enamel, palladium or platinum then head inside…

Sheila Fleet in Jenners

Sheila opened her concession in Edinburgh’s oldest and most prestigious department store over 20 years ago, in 1995. It was her first shop after the Workshop and today still houses one of the most extensive displays of her jewellery outside Orkney.

Sheila Fleet at Jenners Jenners Edinburgh

Our Jenners manager, Selena Noon, and her team welcome visitors from all over world in addition to Edinburgh residents.

From Australia

We had a lovely visit from Stephanie Mutch from Denmark, Western Australia and her partner, Jerri Garland. We were honoured to learn that Stephanie has been a Sheila Fleet fan for the past 6 years and purchases some pieces every time she’s in Edinburgh! Her attraction to Sheila’s work came from her love of the colourful enamels used and originality of all Sheila’s designs.

This year was particularly special as Stephanie and Jerri are celebrating 21 years together, love sealed with a Skyran ring in Twilight.  Thank you for sharing your story with us and our congratulations to you both!

Stephanie and Jerri in Australia Atlantic Swell Collection

Our Jenners Location

You’ll find us in Jenners on the Lower Ground Floor, have a look at the posters as you go down.  More magnificent sea and jewellery scenes, and you should spot the Atlantic Swell necklet pictured above. The waving fronds in silver & surf enamel, white gold, rose and yellow gold may be familiar by now?

Once you reach the floor-to-ceiling Ring and Runic banner, you have arrived at Sheila Fleet. You might just glimpse Selena at the glass cabinet in the picture on the right below. For a better picture of Selena and her team, and more about our Jenners concession, visit our Jenners shop page.

Our Jenners Location Our Jenners Location

Once more we worked hard but we had great fun doing the preparation together. Good job done, Eva and Sheila shake hands and declare the Jenners Windows 2017 ready to view. We hope you like them, they will be visible until 31 August.

Eva and Sheila

All Sheila’s jewellery is designed and made in her Workshop by the sea in the Orkney Islands. Visit the Workshop if you’d like to see us making your chosen jewellery and rings.