Here at Sheila Fleet Jewellery we’re big believers in family. So much so, you’ll be hard pushed to find a member of the Fleet clan who hasn’t ‘done time’ in the workshop or offered a helping hand at a trade show.

In the case of Dot and Norman – Martin’s aunt and uncle – their commitment goes one step further; actually, a whole road trip worth of steps!

For the past 10 years, Dot and Norman have been hopping into their motorhome and hitting the road; travelling the breadth of Scotland visiting stockists and helping freshen up their jewellery displays.


“We really look forward to spring time and our road trip,” explains Dot.

“This year we’re taking in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Stirling, St Andrews, Iona, Ullapool and even the Cairngorms.

“As part of our visit, we help retailers clean the jewellery, spruce up their displays and refresh any photography. Having the right images of Orkney beaches, sea and sky really brings out the beautiful colours in Sheila’s work.”


As well as getting to catch up with shopkeepers – many of whom have become friends – Dot and Norman also get to visit some very unique outlets.

“This year we’ll be visiting the shops at Stirling Castle, the Scottish Parliament and Iona Abbey – it’s lovely to be able to take in the historical sights of Scotland during our trip.

“Yesterday we even tidied a display at the Cairngorm’s ‘Shop At The Top’ – Scotland’s highest shop…we had to get the funicular railway up the mountain side which was spectacular!”

shop at the top

After four weeks on the road, it’ll then be time for Norman and Dot to return to their home in Orkney; but not before one last job on the NorthLink Ferries.

Finessing the displays on the ferries is the last job we do during the journey home. It’s also the most tricky!

“As you can imagine, the North Sea can be very rough; meaning we have to be sure to stick all the jewellery to the stands and then stick the stands to the shelves too.”

Dot and Norman

Thank you Dot and Norman for all your help!