Peridot is one of the birthstones for people born in August, and is thought to bring luck, prosperity, and renewed energy to those who wear it. Sheila has a range of stunning designs hand-set with peridots that are perfect for August birthdays and occasions.

But first...

What are peridots and how are they formed?

Peridot is a gemstone formed from a mineral called olivine. Olivine crystals form when certain rocks, rich in magnesium and iron minerals, undergo intense heat and pressure due to tectonic forces or volcanic activity. Over time, these crystals make their way to the Earth's surface through volcanic eruptions, where peridot gemstones can be found embedded in volcanic rock.

Peridot is found in shades of one colour only: green. Peridot gemstones refract light wonderfully and have a lively, lime-green colour that tones beautifully with yellow gold

Rowan Occasion Necklace in 9ct Yellow Gold with Peridot, Pearl & Diamond

Looking for some gift inspiration?

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for a loved one, peridot jewellery is a stunning option that exudes thoughtfulness and style. The vibrant lime green-yellow colour of peridot symbolises growth, harmony, and renewal, making it an ideal present for celebrating milestones or new beginnings. Whether it's a pair of Reef Knot stud earrings, a delicate Rowan pendant, or a stunning peridot-set Matrix ring, these gemstones add a touch of sophistication to any outfit and will complement various styles and personalities.

Read on for our Top 5 peridot jewellery designs to gift in August...

1. Matrix Peridot Ring in Sterling Silver & 9ct Yellow Gold

Sheila's Matrix collection is a contemporary collection inspired by the matrix and structure of rock. Each piece is textured using a process called reticulation to mimic the appearance of rock. All the rings in this collection are available as a plain band or set by hand with a variety of gemstones and metals.

2. Ogham Small Peridot Pendant in Sterling Silver

This small Ogham pendant in sterling silver is inscribed with Ogham text that reads ‘A blessing on the soul’ and is enhanced with a peridot set by hand in our Orkney workshop.

3. Reef Knot Peridot Stud Earrings in 9ct Yellow Gold

These Reef Knot stud earrings in classic 9ct yellow gold feature a tightly woven knot design enhanced with a 3mm peridot set by hand in our Orkney workshop.  This elegant collection is inspired by the reef knot, a knot popular with generations of sailors, and symbolising unity. 

4. Rowan Single-Leaf Pendant Necklace in 9ct Yellow Gold with Peridot

In Scottish lore, the Rowan tree is regarded as a ‘Tree of Life’; a protector from harm—its berries symbolic of life and renewal. This Rowan Pendant Necklace in classic 9ct yellow gold, features a single long leaf on a golden branch, hanging elegantly from a 9ct gold curb chain.

5. Tidal Peridot Dress Pendant in 9ct Yellow Gold

Sheila took inspiration for her Tidal collection from the Pentland Firth, the turbulent stretch of water separating Orkney from Caithness where some of the strongest tides in the world are found. The bold, fluid lines in the collection recall the ever-changing shapes of ocean waves and the eternal ebb and flow of the tides.

Can I add peridots to other Sheila Fleet designs?

Of course! Gemstones are a popular way to add a personal touch to your jewellery. Any design that has a stone setting can be hand-set with a different gemstone, and Sheila uses a variety of gemstones throughout her collections. Check out our Jewellery Made Just for You guide to find out more about personalised jewellery and please get in touch if you want to discuss things with our fantastic workshop team.