Although our workshop is based in Orkney, it’s not impossible to experience Sheila Fleet on the mainland too.

Take our Edinburgh shop, for example. Situated on St Stephen Street – a pretty cobbled street in Stockbridge, Edinburgh’s ‘village in the city’ – here you can try on many pieces of jewellery from across the collections in a relaxed environment as well as browsing the eclectic range of home ware and gifts from other Scottish artists and crafts people.

edinburgh store

Eileen Paton manages the shop, which is currently celebrating its 5th birthday – happy birthday Sheila Fleet at St Stephen Street!

Eileen talked to us about her experience of working in the shop, her favourite pieces and how she’s even been known to help plan the odd engagement or two.

“To try and pick out my favourite piece of Sheila Fleet Jewellery is impossible; I don’t have one piece I like more than the rest.

“For me, Tidal is a beautiful collection and I wear it a lot. It’s very, very versatile and I end up wearing it on holiday, both during the day and at night.

“One piece of advice I would give to people when buying a new piece of jewellery is try it on in natural light to see how it works with your skin tone which is just as important as whether it goes with your outfit!”

The ties with nature, Orkney and Scottish heritage are aspects of the jewellery that visitors from all over the world connect with. Whether it’s Sheila’s interpretation of light on water, a family of geese zigzagging their way across the evening sky or pieces that draw inspiration from the ancient Celtic alphabet; Sheila’s jewellery has a way of connecting with people.

“A lot of people come back to the shop year-on-year because they are looking for jewellery that’s made with honesty, attention to detail and by someone with a story to tell. That includes the other beautiful items we stock – lighting, ornaments, glassware, knitwear, ceramics and prints – that are all made by hand, by people from Scotland.”

And those aren’t the only things with a story to tell. Eileen and the team at our Stockbridge shop often get to hear about wonderful marriage proposals…as well as helping out with inspiration when required!

“There’s a lot of romance in Scotland and we hear some great stories about how people are planning to propose.

“However when it comes to buying an engagement ring, some visitors have never stepped foot into a jewellery shop, let alone bought a ring!

“We do our best to help – trying to help find something she’ll like, based on what she’s like is important. Does she wear a lot of colour? Would she like a diamond? Those are some of the questions we ask to help find the right ring.

“Some people intending to propose even bounce ideas of us for the proposal itself – should they have champagne, should they get down on one knee…there’s never a dull day working at Sheila Fleet Jewellery!”

To visit Eileen and the team, why not pop into our shop at 18 St Stephen Street, open Monday – Satuday and Sundays in December.