Jewellery Made Just For You

We are a family run business making high quality precious jewellery in Orkney. While our shops and concessions have a range of jewellery on display ready to be bought and become yours, all jewellery and rings ordered through our website are made to order exclusively for you.

Most of our jewellery and rings are made in silver and 9ct yellow gold and can be delivered in 2 weeks. For our rings all other metals 9ct rose gold, 9ct & 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold, palladium and platinum on our website take 3 – 4 weeks to be made and delivered.

It is important to note, if you have a birthday or wedding or other happy event planned, please make sure we know the date to allow your jewellery to arrive in time.

“Specials” – Jewellery Tailored for You

Our tailored jewellery is for those who wish to have something a little bit different within our existing designs. In other words we take one of our existing pieces and make it personal to you. For example, you may see a ring or pendant you like on our website but would like it made with a different gemstone. Or perhaps set an extra stone or pearl into a pendant. We call this “a Special”.

We can offer the following special options to existing designs. Please note any changes will have a cost difference depending on the type of stone and metal required. All prices are on request.

A Different Metal

Most rings can be made in all the metals we offer. If the ring you like is only showing in gold, palladium or platinum you can ask us to make it in silver for you. A ring made in white gold and diamonds becomes very affordable when made in silver with semi precious stones (e.g. Amethyst, peridot, blue topaz or cubic zirconia) and looks similar to the high value ring. Equally if you see a piece in silver but would like it in gold, palladium or platinum with a precious stone (e.g. sapphire, ruby or diamond) this is also possible. We may make a prototype first – see below for more information. You may also find our Guide to Metals interesting.

Prototype for rings

For some rings a prototype in silver can be made first to ensure the best possible fit before we begin making your ring in a rare, high value metal. We may request confirmation by email or letter before going ahead with a special prototype. A charge is made for a silver prototype but this cost is set against the final cost of the high value ring when the prototype is returned to us at the Workshop.

An Unusual Stone

Many people have a gem stone they particularly like or they may want to have their birthstone in their jewellery. Depending on what your birthstone is and whether precious or semi precious we would do our best to source your stone and price accordingly.

A Particular Enamel Colour

Sheila has developed a great range of beautiful enamel colours over the years. The enamel colours you see as on the website beside each piece are the colours Sheila has chosen to best enhance and compliment that specific design. If you would like a colour which is not shown please take a look at the Enamel Colour Chart. While this will give you an idea of the colours available not all enamels can be applied to all designs. Greens and blues can be done on almost all designs but pink and red colours only work technically on a few specific design pieces. Please contact us to discuss the enamel colour you would like. You may also find our Guide to Enamels helpful.

Bespoke Jewellery

This differs from “Specials” or tailored jewellery in that you may wish to commission a design or have a special enamel colour of your own which we do not normally use or keep in the Workshop.

Bespoke Design

Sheila is kept busy most of the year developing and launching new collections. Commissions are more difficult to take on due to time constraints but do get in touch with Sheila or Martin if you have an idea you’d like to discuss. We’ll be pleased to listen to your idea and will be as up front as possible on whether we can develop it with you or not. If we are unable to help with your request we will try to recommend another reputable local company who may be willing to help.

Bespoke Enamel Colours

We offer a special service where we offer to match the colour of your costume to one of our existing enamel colourways. Please see Wedding Colour Wishes in our Guide to Enamels.

If we do not already have an enamel colourway which is a match for your material, we can discuss creating a bespoke colourway for you. We graduate and blend the enamels to bring out colours in the fabric, but please note it is easier to achieve a close match with some colours than with others. As we would have to spend time creating a new colourway for you we would have to make a charge for this but there would be no charge if one of our existing colourways is a good match for your material.

Bespoke Grade Diamonds

The minimum grade of diamonds we use in our jewellery and rings is SI1 clarity (eye-clean) and G/H colour (Near Colourless grade suitable for setting in white gold and platinum). These are high quality diamonds but we can also order higher specifications for you - wonderful for an enchanting engagement ring to ensure its unique... We can also provide diamond certificates on request at a small extra charge for diamonds of 0.25ct weight or above. Please also see our Guide to Diamonds.

“Specials”/ Tailored and Bespoke Jewellery

Please Note: Any jewellery we have adapted to your wishes or designed for you cannot be returned to us or exchanged. Please make sure you are happy with your decision about the design, metal, stone, enamel colour, size, price when you ask us to make the piece.

Sheila Fleet creates all her own unique designs and is kept busy most of the year developing and launching 2 - 3 new collections annually