The symbolism of birthstones stems from ancient traditions and beliefs. Historically, it was thought that each gemstone held special properties for the wearer, imbuing them with luck, protection, and even healing powers.

Some linked this symbolism to the twelve stones in the breastplate of Aaron, a biblical high priest, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Others connected gemstones to the zodiac and believed that specific stones embodied celestial energies.

While modern understanding has changed, the appeal of birthstones remains. They represent a personal connection to a specific month and often carry sentimental value as a celebration of life and individuality. The symbolism lies not just in the gem itself, but in the meaning and tradition it carries.

Here at Sheila Fleet Jewellery we can offer precious and semi-precious gemstones in a variety of Sheila's designs. The following table is a combination of birthstones taken from the modern UK and US interpretations:

January Garnet  (see designs)
February Amethyst  (see designs)
March Aquamarine
April Diamond (see designs)
May Emerald (see designs)
June Pearl / Moonstone (see designs)
July Ruby (see designs)
August Peridot (see designs)
September Sapphire (see designs)
October Opal / Tourmaline (see designs)
November Topaz / Citrine (see designs)
December Blue Topaz / Tanzanite (see designs)