Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, whether it's with partners, friends, or family. A gift of jewellery is a perfect way of showing your appreciation and how well you know your loved ones, whether it's a traditional reference to Valentine's Day with a design from Sheila's Secret Hearts collection, or an insight into their personality with something unique inspired by the land, sea or sky

Check out our Gift Guide to find the perfect piece of jewellery to give this Valentine's Day, with all designs under £100 ❤️

Secret Hearts Pendant in two sizes (£76 | £81)

This Secret Hearts pendant in sterling silver features a single enamelled heart design, available in large or small. These beautiful dainty pendants are perfect for layering!

River Ripples Sterling Silver Ring in Shallows Enamel (£97)

This River Ripples ring in sterling silver features a hand-enamelled ripple design and is expertly hand-finished in our Orkney workshop. The piece is enamelled in Sheila's Shallows enamel colourway.

Scallop Plain Silver Stud Earrings (£68)

These small Scallop stud earrings in sterling silver are part of Sheila's new Shells collection! Discover Scallop, Limpet, Mussel and Oyster designs. Perfect for any beach lovers!

Matrix 3mm Band in Sterling Silver (£93)

Sheila's Matrix collection is inspired by the matrix and structure of rock. Each piece is textured using a process called reticulation to mimic the textured appearance. This stunning ring is beautiful worn individually or stacked with other Sheila Fleet ring designs!

Secret Hearts Petite Stud Earrings in Red Enamel (£52)

These petite heart stud earrings in Red enamel are the perfect way of showing your love this Valentine's Day!

Skyran Tote Bag (£49)

This Skyran tote bag was inspired by two of Sheila’s earlier collections of jewellery: Skyran and Ogham. In Orkney Norn, ‘skyran’ means to ‘shine or glitter brightly’, which Kirsteen Stewart has beautifully captured with hints of shimmering texture and pattern throughout the design. Explore more Tote Bag designs here.

Celtic Twist Band in Sterling Silver (£99)

Love, loyalty and friendship; the Celtic knot, a loop with no beginning or end, is said to represent the endurance of all of these. Similarly, the ring is a symbol of infinity; an endless loop, symbolising eternity. Sheila has a wide range of stunning Celtic rings, many hand-set with gemstones.

Secret Hearts Sterling Silver Necklace in Red Enamel (£88)

This Secret Hearts necklace in sterling silver features a single enamelled heart design, delicately hanging on a silver neckwire.

Lunar Bright Small Pendant Necklace in Hot Pink Enamel (£99)

Lunar in Hot Pink is inspired by the intense colours of delicate spring and summer wildflowers. Explore Lunar Bright designs also in Spring Green and Tropical enamel.

Summer Meadow Scarf (£79)

This extra-special design was created from a watercolour painting by Sheila’s mother, who after a lifetime of working on the farm and bringing up a family, rediscovered her love of art in her 80s—a true inspiration proving it's never too late to follow your passion! Discover our full scarf range and choose from 11 designs!

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