Mairi and Sheila

As Mother’s Day approaches mothers Mairi and Sheila talk about their sons…

Sheila and Martin Sheila and Martin Sheila and Martin

Sheila and Martin…

“We’ve always got on great and it’s hard to imagine life without Martin. He runs my business and I’m very lucky to see him every day. I feel as though I never lost my boy and having the business is like having a big family. Now I have a peedie grandson, Hamish, a lovely daughter-in-law, Mairi and I feel very blessed. Hamish is full of fun, a bit like Rick, my late husband.”

Mairi and Hamish Mairi and Hamish Mairi and Hamish

Mairi and Hamish…

“Watching Hamish develop, making his discoveries gives me so much amusement and laughter.  He surprises me all the time with the mannerisms and sayings he picks up.  His smile and cheekiness lifts everyone and his energy is infectious, the magic rubs off on the whole family.  Hamish loves each new day, it’s amazing what you can learn from a 3-year-old!”

Sheila, Rick and Martin Mairi, Martin and Hamish

Family holidays with a peedie boy… Sheila & Rick with Martin up high, and about 30 years later peedie Hamish with Mairi & Martin.

Happy Mother’s Day!

PS You might spot Sheila’s very latest design in one of these pictures… more news soon!