A walk-through woodland at Forss in Caithness inspired Sheila to capture the beauty and spirit of the snowdrop. These small, delicate flowers herald the beginning of spring, and are a welcome sign of life and renewal. As we enter each new year with new resolutions and goals, Snowdrops are a beautiful flower that evoke new beginnings. Sheila’s Snowdrop collection was designed with this optimistic message in mind.

Sheila has created the Snowdrop collection in sterling silver with options of Crystal or Leaf enamel colourways. These enamels were carefully chosen to symbolise the calming colours of the plant. Snowdrop in Crystal enamel makes a stunning choice for your wedding jewellery.

Throughout the years, Sheila has incorporated a variety of different plants and flowers into her collections, including Primula Scotica, Daisies at Dawn, Rowan and Wild Grasses. Growing up on an island, Sheila has had flora everywhere, and this has been a major inspiration in her designs.

Snowdrops can bloom with elegant white flowers as early as January and February, regardless of the weather, and can be seen growing throughout Scotland and the Scottish Highlands. Despite their delicate appearance, these hardy plants can push through frozen and snow-covered ground. From Sheila's Snowdrop Stem Earrings to her 4-flower Pendant, the Snowdrop collection has an extensive range of different shapes and sizes to choose from.

Sheila has also used classic 9ct yellow gold and luxurious 18ct yellow gold with enamel in her Snowdrop collection. These 18ct gold pieces have been hand-enamelled in Opal White in our Orkney Workshop.

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