Gus and Iona MacGillivray featuring Sheila's Breckon collection.

One of the most popular wedding traditions celebrated is the concept of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue on your wedding day. Derived from the Old English rhyme, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”, thought to have transpired in the Victorian era, these objects are thought to bring good and happy marriages if incorporated within your wedding day.

Brides use various object, family heirlooms, and acts to represent these concepts, but we would like to show you various jewellery designs you could incorporate and use as your something new and something blue!

Something New

The concept of ‘something new’ is to represent optimism for the future. Your something new can be various things, from your dress to your shoes, but what about your wedding jewellery?

From simple and dainty to statement jewellery, Sheila has a range of designs perfect for the bride, groom, bridesmaids and wedding party. We have chose a few favourites we think would be perfect for your special day...

Simple and Dainty

1. Sheila's dainty Arctic Stream diamond droplet pendant and earrings in 9ct yellow gold is a perfect touch of 'something new'.

2. Add a bit of sparkle with Sheila's Contemporary Solitaire collection.

3. Show the love with the Secret Heart collection in 9ct rose gold.

Statement Jewellery

1. No matter what time of year it is, we think the Seasons collection in 'Winter' enamel is the perfect statement addition to your wedding look.

2. Sheila's Shoreline Pebble collection in 'Crystal' enamel is simple in colour but still gives the wow factor.

3. If your wedding theme is botanical and you want to tie your wedding look with your decor, look no further! Pictured here is Sheila's beautiful Rowan collection in 'Frost' enamel.

Something Blue (and new!)

‘Something blue’ represents love, purity and fidelity, traditionally considered three qualities to a strong marriage. Incorporate your 'something blue' into your special day with a dazzling blue stone or striking blue enamel...

Dazzling Blue Stone

1. Sheila's elegant Reef Knot collection is a great way of incorporating 'something blue' in an elegant way. This collection is inspired by the reef knot, a knot popular with generations of sailors, and symbolising unity.

 2. Sheila's Tidal collection is inspired by the Pentland Firth, the strait separating Orkney from mainland Scotland where some of the strongest tides in the world are found. 

3. If rings are more your thing, Sheila offers a range of stone-set rings in blue topaz or sapphire. Gemstones are a popular way to add a personal touch to your jewellery. Any design that has a stone setting can be hand-set with a different gemstone, and there are a variety of gemstones used throughout Sheila's collections.

Blue enamel 

If gemstones aren't what you are looking for and would like a bolder approach to incorporating your 'something blue', check out the following blue-themed enamelled pieces to add to your wedding look.

1. Sheila's Lunar collection is great for adding the bold blue colour but within a more simple design. Within this collection, you can find a variety of sizes and styles to suit every look.

2. If you're a floral lover, Sheila's Primula Scotica collection might be the one for you! These dainty florals in 'Forget-Me-Not Blue' enamel would be a lovely addition for your 'something blue'.

3. If you'd like to include 'something blue' within your wedding jewellery, but would like a daintier, timeless look, enamelled rings are a great way to incorporate a pop of blue without being too overpowering.


For more wedding jewellery inspiration check out Sheila's Bride, Bridesmaid and Bridal Party collections.