Summer is here and it's time to add some colour into your wardrobe! We love accessorising with Sheila's enamelled jewellery and designer scarves to create that perfect pop of colour 🌈 

Whether it's a design inspired by the sea or a petite flower, we have you covered! Explore Sheila's Summer Favourites or keep scrolling for our Top 10 go-to designs to wear this season... ☀️ 

Sea & Surf Scarf

The striking ombré of light and dark blue enamels used in Sheila’s Sea & Surf collection represents the ocean’s amazing range of colours as they reflect the skies above Orkney. The bold and bright blues of Ocean Hue enamel within the Sea & Surf collection is captured beautifully within this eye-catching scarf.

Halo Rings

Bright and beautiful, colourful and fun. Our Halo rings are available in all colours of the rainbow and are perfect for stacking with each other, or with rings from Sheila's Matrix and Ogham collections.

Wild Grasses Moonstone & CZ Ring in Meadow Enamel

This sterling silver Wild Grasses ring features delicate strands of overlapping hand-enamelled silver, representing the form and shape of marram grass. The design is enhanced with a moonstone and cubic zirconia, set by hand in our Orkney workshop, and is enamelled in Sheila's Meadow enamel colourway.

Bluebell Petite Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

These beautiful, delicate flowers are at home in ancient woodlands all over Scotland and have long been associated with fairies in folklore. A hardy flower, bluebells have been growing in gardens in Orkney for generations. Sheila took the inspiration for her Bluebell collection from bunches of bluebells that grow under the trees in her garden.

Holly Blue Butterfly Enamel Necklace

This Holly Blue Butterfly necklace in sterling silver features a distinctive butterfly design, beautifully highlighted in Sheila’s Holly Blue enamel colourway. 

Sheila’s inspiration for this collection took flight after a Red Admiral butterfly in Sheila's garden landed on her granddaughter Holly’s head. The unique Butterfly collection has been beautifully designed and crafted by Sheila’s skilled jewellers. All designs are hand-enamelled in a range of colourways, depending on your choice of Butterfly.

Wild Grasses Scarf

Inspired by the wild, windswept marram grass found along much of Orkney’s coastline, Sheila created her contemporary enamel jewellery collection, Wild Grasses. Kirsteen created a bold print for this scarf using a range of brushstrokes in green and blue tones. The design of this scarf beautifully evokes the variety of enamel colours and movement of Sheila’s jewellery collection. Pair with a Wild Grasses necklace in Meadow enamel for the perfect combination!

Honeybee Silver Stretch Bracelet with 9ct Yellow Gold Bee

The contemporary Honeybee collection is a fusion of natural and geometric forms offering a range of easy-to-wear, collectible, mixed-metal designs. Reflecting on her time as a 60s girl, Sheila revisited the vintage styles to create long, silver, chain-linked necklaces; bold, hexagonal bangles adorned with 9ct gold bees; and stylish hexagonal-shaped rings, which look great stacked or worn as thumb rings. Within the collection are designs set with hexagonal citrine gemstones, and hand-enamelled pieces in rich, honey-coloured enamel.

Pentland Enamel Necklace in Sterling Silver

This Pentland Necklace in sterling silver features a large continuous wave design, hand-enamelled in the colour ‘Pentland’. The piece elegantly hangs from a silver wire.

Sheila based her Pentland collection on the Pentland Firth, the sea that separates Orkney from Caithness in the north of Scotland. This stretch of water has some of the strongest tides in the world and Sheila’s design captures the drama, movements and motions of the waves.

Seasons Silver Dress Pendant Necklace in Summer Enamel

This Seasons dress pendant necklace in sterling silver features a variety of beautiful silver leaf-shape outlines, many enhanced with 'Summer' enamel, while others are left open. 

Seasons is a celebration of happy times and special moments as Sheila and her late husband, Rick, walked through falling leaves on the paths of Inverewe’s tranquil gardens in the Scottish Highlands. Seasons Silver & Enamel is available in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter enamels.

Sea & Surf Necklace in Ocean Hue Enamel

This Sea & Surf necklace in sterling silver features a rolling wave design, hanging elegantly from a silver wire. The piece is hand-enamelled in Ocean Hue in our Orkney workshop.

Sheila Fleet grew up surrounded by the colour and movement of the sea. Sea & Surf celebrates the power and beauty of Scotland’s ocean waves and joins a range of collections dedicated to the sea. Sheila’s designs for Sea & Surf were inspired by waves at the Bay of Skaill in Orkney and at Dunnet Beach in Caithness.