When the leaves change and the air turns crisp, there's no denying that autumn is upon us. It's the season for pumpkin spice lattes, getting cosy, and embracing the beautiful changing colours around us. And part of that change happens within your wardrobe! 

We're here to bring you some of our favourite Sheila Fleet jewellery designs this autumn. Whether it's a pop of colour with our deep red enamels, or a hint of gold, check out our Top 10 designs to wear or gift this season! 

1. Tiny Treasures Pendants in Yellow Gold

Sheila's Tiny Treasures collection is a curation of designs from her many collections. Find silver, gold and enamelled designs, perfect for all ages and budgets! We love an all-gold layer for autumn.

2. Seasons Sterling Silver Brooch in Autumn Enamel

This sterling silver Seasons brooch features seven silver leaf-shape outlines, five hand-enamelled in Sheila's 'Autumn' colourway in our Orkney workshop. Seasons is available in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter enamel.

3. Matrix & Halo Rings

Sheila's Matrix and Halo rings are beautiful worn individually or stacked together! Match gemstones with enamels or mix it up with contrasting colours. We love this colour combination of Orange, Green, Red and Crystal for the autumn season! 

4. Coloured Daisies Small Pendant in Fire Enamel

This small, sterling silver Coloured Daisies pendant features a colourful, hand-enamelled daisy design in Fire enamel. The pendant is perfect for floral lovers who want an autumn twist! 

5. Creel Single-Sided Dress Necklace in 9ct Yellow Gold

Sheila’s Creel collection, one of her most iconic, features a variety of designs based on fishermen’s creels. The lattice-like design mimics the structure and pattern of the creel. Enamelled sections in some pieces represent the water trapped between woven sections when creels are pulled from the sea. Some of the larger necklaces in this collection contain solid silver or gold Groatie Buckies (northern cowrie shells)—lucky treasures from the sea. 

6. Lunar 18ct Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace in Plum Enamel

This Lunar pendant in luxurious 18ct yellow gold features Sheila’s Lunar cup-mark design, delicately hanging from a gold chain. The circular design has a textured finished with a slightly concave centre, hand-enamelled in beautiful Plum enamel.

Lunar is a contemporary collection inspired by the ancient art of our ancestors. Thousands of years ago at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney, people carved hollows or cup-marks of various sizes in rough rock, perhaps to signify an event or to follow the passage of time as the moon waxed and waned.

7. NEW Tidal Designs in 3-Tone Gold

Sheila's latest additions to her Tidal collection are inspired by her ever-popular Tidal BangleThese Tidal earrings and pendant features three curved hoops in 9ct yellow, white and rose gold that flow into different shapes when worn, reminiscent of waves.

Sheila took inspiration for this collection from the Pentland Firth, the turbulent stretch of water that separates Orkney from Caithness and has some of the strongest tides in the world. The bold, fluid lines in this collection recall the ever-changing shapes of ocean waves and the eternal ebb and flow of the tides.

8. Lava Stream Ring in Fire Enamel

This sterling silver Lava Stream ring has a textured surface that mimics the surface of rock, created using a process called reticulation. Colour flows around the surface of the ring in Sheila's 'Fire' enamel colourway, hand-enamelled in our Orkney workshop.

The inspiration for Sheila's Lava Stream rings came from her fascination with rock formations and their origin. Sheila created these textured designs to represent the movement and shape of lava as it flows from a volcano.

9. Seasons Gold Leaves 6-leaf Dress Drop Earrings in Autumn Enamel

These beautiful statement sterling silver Seasons drop earrings feature six silver leaf shapes, three of which contain solid 9ct yellow and rose gold leaves, the other three enhanced with 'Autumn' enamel.

10. Red Admiral Butterfly Enamel Pendant

This Red Admiral Butterfly pendant in sterling silver features a distinctive butterfly design, beautifully highlighted in Sheila’s Red Admiral enamel colourway.

Sheila’s inspiration for her Butterfly collection took flight after a Red Admiral butterfly in Sheila's garden landed on her granddaughter Holly’s head! The unique Butterfly collection has been beautifully designed and crafted by Sheila’s skilled jewellers. All designs are hand-enamelled in a range of colourways, depending on your choice of Butterfly.

Layer up with our designer scarves! 

Don't forget! We have our stunning range of designer scarves that are perfect for keeping cosy this autumn. Choose from 11 designs to match your Sheila Fleet jewellery or to wear beautifully on their own. Pictured here is the ever-popular Skyran design.

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