Ocean wave Sea & Surf Necklet Sea & Surf Earrings

Sea & Surf – necklet and earrings in Ocean enamel

Sheila has been watching and sketching the waves over the winter.

Sweeping, swirling designs have adorned her workbench, many master-patterns have been made, enamel colours tried and tested and now the first completed pieces are being carefully checked.

Sketching Sea & Surf Making the master for Sea & Surf Sheila examining the completed Sea & Surf pieces

Sheila sketching Sea & Surf – making the master – Sheila examining the completed pieces.

Sea & Surf celebrates the power and beauty of Scotland’s ocean waves is the latest in a series of collections Sheila has dedicated to the sea.

“My early drawings of the cliffs and shoreline round Hoxa where I grew up gained me a place at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1960s. The sea, rocks and shore continue to fascinate me today. When the light is special I’ll return to the shoreline to sketch and gather inspiration. The power, colour and movement of the sea can be mesmerizing.”

Shoreline drawings Cliff drawings Sheila at Yesnaby Cliffs

Sheila’s early shoreline drawings and gathering inspiration at the Yesnaby cliffs recently.

Sea & Surf is available in various vibrant enamel colours, here is Champagne:

Sunset on the sea Champagne enamel necklet Champagne enamel earrings

Inspired by a sunset on the sea – Sea & Surf necklet and earrings in Champagne enamel.

Sheila is still working on this collection! Rings, brooches and bracelet coming soon… look out for Sea & Surf becoming available online very soon. We’ll announce it on Facebook!

Sheila with her Sea & Surf designs

Sheila at her jeweller’s bench with her Sea & Surf designs.

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