Bluebell Collection

Bonnie Bluebell is here! This extensive new collection from Sheila Fleet has a variety of pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and a brooch in three lovely enamel colours.

Bluebell has been crafted in sterling silver... below Pete is making the first ring design with two Bluebells.  These master pieces are created from Sheila’s drawings and sheets of silver.  Needless to say Sheila and Pete bring years of experience, skill and patience to this process.  It’s important the masters are perfect in every detail.

Bluebell in setting Bluebell in setting

The first pendants have been successfully cast.  The fine detail is clear and passes Sheila’s critical eye... they are now ready for hand-polishing and the enamel room.

Bluebell pendants

Lorraine is enameling the 3-bell pendant EPX243.  We were delighted when she also agreed to be our model for Bluebell!  Multi-talented lady...

Bluebell enamelling

Bluebells hold happy memories for Sheila:

“They grew under the bore trees in our walled garden when I was a child.  We had fun playing in here.  It was a drawing of my mother’s that was the early inspiration for Bluebell.”

Bluebell concept

The hardly little flowers have been growing in Orkney gardens for as long as Sheila can remember.  Her own garden was once part of a croft with trees lining the garden and providing shelter for a host of beautiful bluebells.

“The bluebells under my sycamore trees have been adding a little colour for many years,”, said Sheila, “I picked a few and used some images to design this new collection.  The blue, pink and white enamels I’ve chosen reflect Nature’s own colours.”

Champagne bluebells Bluebell pendant White Bluebell pendant

Bluebell ring Champagne Bluebell ring

Bluebells grow all over Scotland and are particularly at home in ancient woodlands.  Perhaps for this reason they feature strongly in Scottish folklore. Stories tell of fairies who rang the little bells, of witches who would turn themselves into hares to hide in the buds and of people who strayed into the flowers and mysteriously entered other worlds.

Today the bluebell rivals the thistle as a symbol of Scotland and is regarded by many as the flower of Scotland.

Bluebell joins a range of designs inspired by flowers including Sheila’s very popular Snowdrop, charitable Daisy and classic Primula Scotica collections.

Bluebell necklace and earrings Model wearing the Bluebell Collection

When the day’s work is done, Sheila enjoys a few peaceful moments in her garden... beside the Workshop where all her jewellery is made.