It’s busy, busy, busy in the Orkney Workshop! We’re a bit like Santas’s elves! Particularly after lightning knocked out our power supply and telephone lines causing us major disruption all last week. We’re back in business now and nearly caught up after working a few extra hours!


Every single piece is made especially for you. Colin, Bryce and Darren are all concentrating hard, every movement demands precision and expertise. Although we’ve grown over the last 20 years, the Workshop still runs on Sheila’s founding studio principles. One jeweller completes all the work required on an individual piece. The only time it will leave his or her hands is go to go the enamelling room where one enameller will complete all the enamelling.

The enamellers don’t hear me coming in… hello to all! Colours, quills and little kilns! The small granules of enamel glass are picked up using a goose quill and carefully placed onto the silver or 18-carat gold piece to be enamelled. Colours can be graduated and blended from dark to light using many hues, a trained eye and steady hand! Once finished the enameller initials he or she has been responsible for your piece and then returns to the same jeweller for final polishing. After completing the jeweller takes pride in also signing and recording his or her work in making your piece. Now it’s over to Jodie and Margaret and assistants for presentation packaging and postage.


Jodie has a fine, exacting touch! She quality checks the piece and selects the appropriate catches, chains and neckwire to allow the piece to be worn. It is then carefully placed in a presentation box and if requested, gift wrapped. Eva, our display expert, pictured on left assists Jodie when we’re busy. Margaret has a posting deadline of 2 o clock! Assisted by Caitlin she ensures all customer orders leave the Workshop in time to catch the special plane carrying the mail to Mainland Scotland and beyond.

Do drop into one of our shops, we’d be pleased to see you. We’re in Stockbridge and Jenners on Princes Street in Edinburgh, in Frasers on Buchanan Street, Glasgow and in Jenners on the Shores of Loch Lomond. At home in Orkney, the Kirkwall Gallery’s upstairs Christmas Shop has been very popular and kept Amy and her team on their toes. Out in the country in Tankerness May has the Workshop Showroom sparkling. Morag and Dawn are on hand to help and Sheila and Martin are showing our gift wrapping.

Meticulously executed work results in exquisite pieces…

A big thank you to all for your support and your orders. Merry Christmas everyone!