Our new Diamond Daisy pendants in rose gold, silver and yellow gold…

Rose Gold Diamond Daisy Pendant Silver Diamond Daisy Pendant Yellow Gold Diamond Daisy Pendant

Setting the Diamonds is Leonard’s challenge…

Leonard Leonard setting diamonds

Each diamond is handset and requires concentration and precision work.

“The depth of the setting is critical” comments Leonard, “If you are even the tiniest bit out it won’t be right. This can be tricky with small diamonds.  Bigger diamonds are different, not so fiddly but unlike the smaller diamonds there’s usually only one and it will have been ordered especially. I enjoy the pressure of that and you know you are making someone’s engagement ring or something very special. I made my wife’s engagement ring.”

Daisy Collection Daisy Collection Leonard setting diamonds

Leonard started in the jewellery industry when he was just 17 years old.

“I thought of graphic design or architecture but the opportunity of a career in the jewellery industry came up as I was leaving school and I took it.”

Leonard has been setting stones for over 18 years and has become a true craftsman, as he says “You learn as you go!”

If you’d like to watch Leonard handset the diamonds in your own Daisy ring or your engagement ring do give us a call.  We make the jewellery especially for you and to order.  For that very unique experience come to our Orkney Workshop and watch your ring, pendant, earrings, brooch or bracelet being hand-finished by our highly skilled team of jewellers.

Our Diamond Daisies are now available – order early for Christmas!

Yellow and Crystal Daisies Peacock Enamel Daisy Diamond Daisies

All the Daisies – original sunshine yellow and crystal (above left), Coloured Daisies (above middle in peacock enamel) and Diamond Daisies (above right in white gold) – contribute to Emily’s Fund at the Orkney Charitable Trust.  The Daisies have raised an amazing £14,800 so far in support of Emily Findlay in her fight against cancer. Many thanks to all.