Inspired by love rings

Valentine’s Day belongs to lovers… we’ve gathered some collections that say “I love you”…

Above in sterling silver with 9ct gold are Sheila’s Secret Hearts and Kiss rings.  The name of the collection says it all…

Another collection with a lovely name is Sweetheart – pictured below.  This design has a touching story behind it.  Heartbroken by the death of her husband, Lady Devorgilla of Galloway founded an Abbey in his memory.  Her devotion led the monks to name their abbey “Sweetheart”. Sheila’s Sweetheart collection symbolizes eternal love.  The red sandstone ruins of the Abbey lie south of the town of Dumfries in Scotland.  The earrings are in silver, the ring is rather special, it’s platinum with handset diamonds… it makes a rather stunning eternity ring.

sweetheart earrings sweetheart ring

Celtic patterns have long been associated with enduring love.  In the Lover’s Knot collection the silver bands intertwine with each other creating one continuous single entity, a symbol of unity.

Lovers knot Lovers knot ring

This concept can be also be seen in the Reef Knot and in many other pieces inspired by Celtic design.  Pictured below are the Reef Knot pendant and earrings in white and yellow gold with handset diamonds.  The ring is from our Celtic rings collection and shows a Celtic interlace pattern similar to  those found carved in stone and illuminating the great Gospel books of the 6th-7th centuries.  Rings inspired by Celtic designs are a popular choice for wedding bands.

Reef knot collection Reef Knot ring

Also popular as wedding bands and as eternity rings are our Ogham and Runic rings.  These rings don’t so much symbolize eternal love as say it!  The Ogham one on the left with the handset diamonds is so named after the script incised on the ring.  Ogham is the earliest text known in Orkney.  The carved script was found on a whorl stone used in spinning and is thought to be over 1500 years old.  It has a beautiful message and on this 18ct yellow gold ring reads “A Blessing on the Soul”.  The Runic ring on the right is also made in 18ct yellow gold but the lettering is in relief rather than incised and it stands out.  Runes are more widely recognized that Ogham and are well known as the alphabet of the Vikings. Orkney has a famous collection in the ancient tomb of Maeshowe where the mauranding Norsemen broke in and scratched their runes on the walls.  Their graffiti is at times less than poetic but our ring has a truly lovely message and reads “Dreams of Everlasting Love”.

Ogham ringRunic ring

Wishing you a romantic Valentine’s Day and many days full of love this year.