Sheila has secured a piece of the very first gold sold from Scotland’s only gold and silver mine!

Directors of Scotgold Resources proudly presented 12 “Rounds” of Scottish Gold in the form of beautiful 1 oz coins. The Rounds are made of pure Scottish gold mined at Cononish, near Tyndrum in the West of Scotland.  Scotgold auctioned 10 of the Rounds in Edinburgh on Tuesday 29 Nov. Round 12 is going to the Huntarian Museum in Glasgow. Round 11 will be on view at the Scottish Parliament, and Round 6 will be in Orkney!

Round of Scottish Gold

First Gold from Cononish in Orkney

Sheila plans to display her beautiful Scottish Gold coin in the Church beside her Workshop. Renovations are progressing well in the Church and Sheila hopes to open this unique exhibition space by next summer, with her first gold coin in pride of place!

Sheila with Nathaniel le Roux Sheila with Scott Walter

Presenting Sheila with her “Round 6” gold coin is Nathaniel le Roux, chairman of Scotgold Resources Ltd. While on the right Sheila is with Scott Walter, Assay Master from the Edinburgh Assay Office.

You might be able to make out that Scott’s tie carries the same emblem as is on the coin. The stag’s head design has been chosen as the hallmark for Scottish Gold. Scott and his colleagues at the Edinburgh Assay Office guarantee that any gold product stamped with the Scottish Gold ‘Stag’s Head’ is made of authentic Scottish gold mined from Cononish by Scotgold.

Sheila is now looking forward to getting some Scottish Gold for making jewellery and rings.

Stag's head cufflinks

Maybe some day Sheila could make her Stag’s Head cufflinks in Scottish Gold!

Scotgold are in discussions to agree a supply of Cononish gold and silver to Scotland’s jewellery makers. Hopefully in the next year we’ll be able to say we have collections designed and made in Scotland with Scottish Gold! Sheila and Martin took a look at how the mine operations are progressing.

Visiting Scotland’s Gold Mine

Sheila and Martin at Cononish Mine Inside Cononish Mine

Kitted up and ready to go in! The mine is rather wet underfoot and very dark but it’s well worth the half kilometer walk to reach the fabulous Cononish vein. This is where the gold precipitated into the quartz as it formed 400 million years ago. Sheila found a lovely white quartz rock full of gold intrusions…

Cononish Vein Quartz rock full of gold intrusion

Scotgold use only traditional grinding methods and no dangerous chemicals to separate the gold from the rock. The directors are keen to do all they can to protect the exceptional environment whilst winning the precious gold and silver from the hills. Learn more in our first blog Cononish Scottish Gold.

Sheila and Martin certainly enjoyed the magnificent scenery. Here they are after a fantastic trip relaxing outside the mine, surrounded by the Cononish hills.

Sheila and Martin in the Cononish hills

The end of an amazing day… We’ll let you know once some Scottish Gold reaches the Workshop… watch this space! Until then you can see some of Sheila’s beautiful gold jewellery and rings at a Touch of Gold.

Thanks to Scotgold for the image of the first gold “Scottish Round”.