Finding the perfect gift for your Dad, step-Dad or Father-in-law can be tricky! If your fatherly figure is a lover of jewellery and accessories, we have you covered with our Father's Day Gift Guide! Find a range of rings, cufflinks, kilt pins and tie tacks, all for £150 and below...

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1. Thistle Cufflinks in Sterling Silver

The thistle is Scotland’s national flower, famous for its purple blooms and sharp, prickly leaves, and has been an important symbol of Scottish heraldry for over 500 years. These sterling silver cufflinks, part of Sheila's Thistle collection, feature a thistle head design, hand-finished in our Orkney workshop.

2. Salmon Cufflinks in Sterling Silver

These Salmon cufflinks feature salmon leaping from the water, delicately hand-enamelled in our Orkney workshopThis collection was inspired by leaping salmon at Forss Falls, a beautiful waterfall beside the Forss Hotel in Caithness.

3. Runic Rings

Sheila’s iconic Runic collection was inspired by inscriptions found inside Maeshowe, a Neolitic chambered cairn in Orkney, built around 2800 BC. Sometime around the 12th century, Vikings broke into the tomb and carved runes onto the walls. These inscriptions, of which there are over thirty, represent the largest single collection of such carvings in the world. Sheila's Runic rings are available in a variety of designs and colourways.

4. Breckon Enamel Tie Tack in Sterling Silver

The Breckon collection was designed by Sheila in 2008 for Lerwick’s Guizer Jarl at Up Helly Aa, Shetland’s world-famous fire festival. Each year the Jarl portrays a Viking character from the sagas, and usually with some kind of link to their own family. 

Sheila designed the piece to reflect the detail on the Up Helly Aa squad’s outfit, which was inspired by the wave design on a carved circular stone in St Magnus Chapel.

5. Pierowall Twist Celtic Ring in Sterling Silver

This Pierowall Twist Ring in sterling silver, part of the Celtic Collection, features an interwoven Celtic pattern on a 5mm band with an oxidised finish. The Celtic Collection was inspired by an 8th Century penannular brooch, found in a Norse grave in Pierowall on the island of Westray, Orkney.

6. Runic Small Cufflinks in Skaill Enamel

These cufflinks in sterling silver, part of Sheila's Runic collection, feature a curved design and the word ‘Orkney’ in runic text, enhanced by a beautifully enamelled background of 'Skaill' enamel. 

7. Cathedral ‘St Magnus II’ Tie Tack in Sterling Silver

This tie tack, part of Sheila's Cathedral collection, is based on one of three circular sandstone carvings in Orkney’s St Magnus Cathedral. This bold design features four curved shapes separated with small teardrops, forming a subtle cross pattern. The surface of the tie tack has a polished silver finish with the edges of the design highlighted in oxidised silver.

8. Skyran Sterling Silver Ring in Twilight Enamel

Sheila's Skyran collection is inspired by a small circular spindle-whorl stone, carved with ancient Ogham script and discovered at Buckquoy in Birsay, Orkney. This text is the first known text discovered in Orkney, thought to date back to about 500AD. This Skyran ring in sterling silver features Ogham script that wraps around the band and reads ‘A blessing on the soul’.  

9. Lover’s Knot Ring in Sterling Silver

The Lover's Knot collection was inspired by the traditional lover’s knot, a knot which is not readily undone, dating back many centuries to the art of the Celts. Two interlocking lines knot together to make one pattern. This Lover’s Knot Ring in sterling silver features multiple double knot designs spaced along the ring, with an oxidised finish.

10Thistle Kilt Pin in Sterling Silver

This kilt pin in sterling silver features a stylised thistle head design with intertwined leaves running down the length of the piece. This collection is cast and hand-finished in our Orkney workshop, and beautifully captures the detail of the thistle in sterling silver.