This Sunday is Father’s Day in the UK… time to thank Dad for all his hard work, love and care.

Dads all over Britain, and indeed in many other countries in the world, will be celebrated and hugged, or remembered, this weekend.

Sheila with her father

Sheila as a young teenager with her father, James Dearness, in 1959.

Martin with his father

Martin planting onions with his father, Rick.

Martin with his son

Martin with his son, Hamish

Everyone has their own pictures and memories of Dad and will celebrate Father’s Day in their own way.

Perhaps you’re planning to cook Dad his favourite food, invite him to a concert or film or maybe he has a soft spot for fine craftsmanship: who wouldn’t be delighted with a well-engineered, beautifully finished car, tractor or boat…

We can’t offer those products but we can offer jewellery as carefully crafted and hand-finished as any machine… even better, our jewellery will stand the test of time, enduring for years to be passed down and enjoyed by generations to come… a little piece of Orkney forever.

If you’d like to give Dad something special take a look at our wide selection of jewellery for men and Dads:

“Vater werden ist nicht schwer, Vater sein dagegen sehr” German poet, Wilhelm Busch.
“It’s easy to become a father, but it’s difficult to be a father.”

Give Father’s Day a special shine… mark the moment.