It’s that time of year again – a feast of family fun, good food and fine presents. We love to think of all those opening a beautiful piece of Sheila’s jewellery on Christmas Day! But many may not have such luxuries and that’s where our Charitable Daisies help.

Original Charitable Daisies

Original Daisies collection

Fresh as clear, frosty snow Sheila designed her Original Daisies over three years ago. These elegant, little silver flowers, along with their sister collections Coloured Daisies and Diamond Daisies, contribute to the Orkney Charitable Trust. Every Daisy sold raises funds towards young people in Orkney experiencing ill health, disability, hardship or disadvantage.

Warm in Bed

This year the Daisies have funded a campaign specially to help children through our chilly winters. It’s called Every Child Should Be Warm in Bed…  Young Hamish Fleet, Sheila’s grandson, clearly agrees!

Hamish Fleet staying warm

Thanks to all those who bought our Charitable Daisies over the last months we were able to deliver 50 Warm Bedding Bundles. No more cold little hands in the morning… Thanks also to all those who helped with packing and transporting. Each bundle was 100% funded by the Charitable Daisies.

Charitable bundle

Like to help?

If you’d like to support the work of the Orkney Charitable Trust you have various options. You can donate your time by volunteering, donate to various funds and, of course, buy a Daisy!

As well as the Original Daisies we have a wonderful rainbow of enamel colours available in the Coloured Daisies collection. Perhaps some Crystal, Ice or Glacier if you like crisp, starry winter nights or Hot Pink, Tropical and Fire if you long for a little warmth. Or think of summer seas with Surf, Shallows and Ocean…

Coloured daisies

The Daisies originally supported young Emily Findlay who has a rare form of cancer. The Trust continues to support Emily through contributions from the Daisies whenever she requires specialist treatment. Keep fighting Emily, we’re thinking of you.

Emily Findlay with the collection

A full list of all the campaigns the Orkney Charitable Trust is running can be found on their website. The Trustees are grateful for any support you may be able to offer. Pictured below, they are Craig Spence and Mairi Fleet in the back row with Rita Jamieson and Lynne Spence in the front.

Craig Spence, Mairi Fleet, Rita Jamieson and Lynne Spence

And finally, now we have many bairns much warmer in bed than before – let it snow!

Diamond Daisies

With our silver, yellow, white and rose gold Diamond Daisies Sheila, Martin, Mairi and all the Sheila Fleet team wish you all a very WARM Christmas and a Happy New Year!