That special weekend of chocolate, egg hunts and family time is almost upon us!

So with Easter just around the corner, how will the Sheila Fleet Jewellery team be spending it?

We spoke to Jodie, Amy and Coylah to find out…

Jodie – Sheila Fleet Jewellery workshop

“I’m going to be spending Easter weekend with my nephew doing an chocolate Easter egg hunt. He’s two and will be very excited!

“After that I’ll be going to a ‘blackening’. A very special Orkney tradition where we surprise one of our friends who is a bride-to-be. We cover her in molasses, feathers and drive her around Kirkwall making a lot of noise. It usually ends up at the beach where she gets dunked into the sea. It’s all very civilised…promise!”

Amy – Sheila Fleet Jewellery in Kirkwall

“This Easter weekend I will be doing the same as a lot of people, I’m sure…DIY! My partner and I are still doing up our house which should be ready towards the end of the year. We might treat ourselves to an Easter egg…dark chocolate is definitely our favourite!”

Coylah – Sheila Fleet Jewellery in Glasgow

“I’m off for Easter and cannot wait! We have a family tradition where we boil eggs and decorate them using paint and felt tip pens. We then go to the highest, craggiest hill we know – like ‘The Dumpling’ in Gartocharn – and roll them down; waiting to see whose egg survives the treacherous journey!

“After that we’ll have a carry-on; falling in the mud! We’ll then go back to my parents house where we have a delicious family lunch and stuff ourselves full of chocolate. I’m getting married next year so will have to limit myself to just one egg.”

From everyone at Sheila Fleet Jewellery, we wish you all a very peaceful and restful Easter.