Gold can be in three different forms – yellow, white and rose gold. Each of these golds is used in the Tidal ring and bracelet, the intertwined metals representing the flow and movement of ocean waves.

Tidal Ring Tidal Bracelet

Our golds are either 9 or 18 carat. Carat is a measure of gold purity, the higher the carat the purer the gold. 24 carat yellow gold is considered to be pure gold and is a very soft metal.

9 and 18 carat golds are made more durable by adding other metals such as silver, copper and zinc. You can see the 18 carat yellow gold New Wave ring below right is a yellower colour than the 9 carat Ripple ringset due to its higher gold content. Of all the golds 18 carat gold works best with enamel, however only certain colours are possible as the yellow gold shines through the transparent molten glass grains that form  enamel.

Ripple Ringset New Wave Ring

Yellow gold is the most traditional gold and has been regarded as a valued gift since biblical times.  The three wise men brought the baby Jesus a gift of gold, a gift fit for a king.

White gold is yellow gold’s captivating younger sister. It is created by combining yellow gold with another precious metal. 9 carat white gold is contains silver giving a creamy white colour with a hint of yellow while 18 carat white gold uses elements of palladium instead of silver to give the metal a darker white colour.

palladium and white gold ring Silver and White Gold

Rose gold takes its name from its warm blush of colour and is yellow gold with copper.  Once very popular rose gold became rare in the 1990s and first decade of the 21st century. It has recently returned to the catwalk and the attention of jewellery lovers.  Only a few of our pieces have an option online for this unusual metal, give us a call if you are looking for rose gold jewellery or a rose gold ring.

Rose Gold ring Rose Gold earrings

Golden moments… a romantic Kiss under the mistletoe, Sheila’s Kiss collection features a touch of gold on silver.

Kiss necklace Kiss ring

Together forever – Reef Knot in 9ct yellow and white gold.

Reef Knot necklace  Reef Knot Earrings

Festive greetings to all from Sheila, Martin and all at Sheila Fleet Jewellery.