Sheila Fleet St Andrews—a contemporary, magical space!

Have you had a chance to visit our new gallery in St Andrews yet? Browse engagement rings or pick your favourite silver necklace and enamel colour? Don’t worry if you haven’t, let’s have a look at what the shop has to offer!

Inspiration behind the design

Inspiration for the shop's design struck when Sheila and Marion attended an Orkney Science Festival lecture about the cosmos and stars. Marion said, "I wanted to take the  customer back to the very beginning of the universe. Back to when elements began to coalesce and we had the birthing of stars, galaxies, planets and all the elements we find on our wonderful Blue Planet today. The beauty of the natural world, present in so much of Sheila’s jewellery, is now within the store itself."

Retail Theatre

Halos of light draw you through the space, from a bright, white space at the entrance, representing daylight, through to a darker, intimate space at the rear of the shop, representing night.

Sheila Below the Planetarium in her St Andrews Gallery

Towards the back of the shop make sure to look up while browsing Sheila's range of jewellery. You'll see a planetarium with choreographed film and soundtrack showing close-up shots of the elements here on Earth that inspire Sheila’s jewellery. 

But that's not our only dome...

Northern Hemisphere Constellation Dome

When entering the shop, you'll see a constellation dome where the stars of the Northern Hemisphere twinkle, and slowly fade in and out.

There's still more to see...

St Andrews Gallery Exterior

Look out for details inspired by Orkney, Sheila's island home. Within the jewellery cabinets, photos of the treasures we pick up along the Orkney shoreline have been incorporated into the displays. On the walls hang photos of Orkney landscapes while silk panels sweep around the curved wall with a design displaying the microscopic formation of ice crystals, another natural wonder.

Outside the shop, the building is framed with a sculpture inspired by seaweed found on our beaches. Light-boxes in the windows become pools of water featuring representations of the first elements of life, when oceans were formed.

Discover Scottish Gold

Alongside our extensive range of collections and designer rings, the shop also showcases some rare pieces made in Scottish Gold. We're currently one of the only jewellers authorised to make jewellery using 18ct Scottish Gold from the Cononish Gold mine, which is Scotland’s only commercial gold mine.

If you’re looking for a special piece of jewellerya piece mined, designed and made in Scotland—make sure to visit us!

A note from Sheila

Sheila in her new St Andrews Gallery

"Over the last 28 years I have built a great team of skilled staff. Working together to get this new St Andrews shop open has kept us all positive and optimistic.

"I look forward to welcoming you to the new gallery so you can see for yourself how we’ve transformed a traditional jewellery shop into a contemporary magical space."