Designer Rings

A bond of love... a smile, laughter, special thoughts held in precious metal and stone. A little bit of happiness to accompany you through the day. Your ring is made specially for you. Here are some recommendations, see also WEDDING & LOVE and our rings FOR HER and FOR HIM.

Sea-Inspired Rings

The movement, ever-changing forms and colours of sea waves are a constant source of inspiration to Sheila. Sometimes calm, sometimes wild, always mesmerising.


A friend is a comfort in good times and bad, we have special rings for special friends in all precious metals.


As a symbol of deep feelings the ring is unsurpassed. We have contemporary and traditional rings for all occasions and in all precious metals.


Congratulations! A future together... we'll make your engagement ring for you in silver, gold, palladium or platinum with handset diamonds, rubies or other precious stones as you like.

Wedding Bands

With this ring I do thee wed... we have traditional wedding bands and ones with a contemporary twist, plain bands or rings handset with precious stones. We make your rings specially for you in the precious metal of your choice.

Ring Sets

Together forever... these ring sets of two rings symbolise eternal unity. Carefully crafted, the rings hold each other, interlocking to form a new, single entity from two separate elements.


True love never dies... a lifetime together symbolised in yellow, white or rose gold, palladium or platinum with handset diamonds or colourful rubies, sapphires or pearls.