Latest Collections

Every new day can bring a new idea from a shape, movement, play of light and colour or from a story or legend. These are the designs Sheila are recently been busy sketching, crafting and perfecting.


Cascading water in Scotland’s burns erodes rocks and stones leaving small granules caught in crevices downstream.



A contemporary collection of jewellery inspired by the matrix and structure of rock.

Snowdrop in Gold

Fresh Spring Snowdrops in sumptuous 18ct yellow gold with new Opal White enamel, also in 9ct gold

Salmon collection by Sheila Fleet Jewellery


Moving wild and free through Scotland's rivers and glistening in the light.

Lunar Bright

Lunar in bright and beautiful new enamel colours, this design shows Sheila's unique colourways exceptionally well.


Brodgar Eye

Inspired by a cup-and-ring stone carving found at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney.



Inspired by stone carvings from the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney.

Lunar Pearl

A contemporary collection inspired by the ancient art of our ancestors.


Capturing the flavour of carefree days in the sun near shallow blue ponds and meadows.


Bright shapes in mysterious rock pools, these little stars brighten their underwater homes.

Orkney Yole

Orkney Yole

Capturing sailing boats on the bright waters of Scapa Flow below Scapa Distillery.

Robert The Bruce

Inspired by the sword of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots. A determined warrior, Robert’s battles won recognition of Scotland as an independent kingdom for 300 years.

Rowan in Gold & Enamel

Rowan in sumptuous 18ct yellow gold with Evergreen enamel and diamonds.

Swirl Rings

As the autumn wind begins to blow and ocean waves turn and flow Sheila introduces her new Swirl rings.