Special Occasions

Choosing the perfect piece for that special day can be a daunting task. Fear not, help is at hand! Here we offer you our recommendations for your special day. As the seasons change we'll be updating our selection - take a look again in Spring.

Gift ideas for Special Occasions


A winter birthday? Cheer up the dark nights with a golden glow, little sparkle or vibrant enamel colour. For all those born between December and March we have chosen this selection for you!

Touch of Gold

Shimmering gold was once a gift for a king, today it's an expression of everlasting love... Enjoy our selection of designer yellow, white and rose gold jewellery and rings.

Exam Results, Graduation

Well done! Your hard work has paid off. Your exam results or graduation opens a door to a new chapter in life. Perhaps you want to treat yourself or someone wants to say how proud they are of you, and congratulations!

New Baby

Congratulations! Welcoming a new little person into the world is one of life's happiest events. We have chosen dainty pieces to celebrate a Naming Ceremony, Christening or for the baby to treasure and wear in later life. (Never leave your baby wearing any jewellery unsupervised)

Mother's Day

The day we honour mothers, those we're lucky enough still to have with us and those whose memory we cherish. For all their love and care, we thank mothers all over the country with all our heart.

Father's Day

Time to thank Dad for all his hard work, love and care. If Dad has a soft spot for fine craftsmanship then forgo the beer, whisky or ties this year in favour of something carefully made and hand-finished. Our jewellery is steadfast and precious, just like Dad.


Happy Anniversary! Through life together, good times and bad, laughter and tears. Whether you're celebrating your first or your fiftieth year together our jewellery celebrates love and support for each other as the years roll past.

Leaving Gift, Retirement

Thank you and good luck! Wish your colleagues all the best in the next chapter of their life with one of these carefully chosen pieces, all sure to bring joy and an enduring memory.