The launch of any new collection is an exciting time, not just because we receive such lovely messages telling us how much you’re enjoying your new jewellery but because it’s a fantastic opportunity to share the stories that inspired these pieces in the first place.

Both Tidal Treasures and our new collection – Creel –  are both particularly special collections that were actually inspired by a customer whose story goes like so…

Creel Collection

David and Anne Marie were visiting a beach close to their home in John O’Groats. The beach is well known to the local people for its Groatie Buckies – small, white shells also known as cowries  – which are notoriously tricky to find and thought to bring good luck to those that do.

David asked Anne Marie to try and find a Groatie Buckie, and after some time scouring she came across the shell in question. When Anne Marie turned round to show David, she found him on one knee.

We’re sure David didn’t need the luck of the Groatie Buckie that day as Anne Marie’s answer was, of course, ‘yes!’

Keen to celebrate their engagement, David and Anne Marie approached Sheila Fleet Jewellery to discuss how the shell could be incorporated into a very unique and personal piece of jewellery.

Whilst playing with ideas of creating a delicate cage to hold the shell, Sheila chanced upon a conversation with Gavin – one of our team from the workshop – who remarked that his time as a fisherman meant he regularly came across Groatie Buckies that had found their way into creels.

In this instance, Sheila knew that the collection would be called Creel.

Creel pendant

Sheila then explored the idea further, incorporating enamelled sections to represent the water dripping from the creel as it is hauled aboard the fishing boat.

Available as a pendant and a ring, both designs accommodate a life size, sterling silver Groatie Buckie.

Creel ring

We think the ring is a real cracker – great for a cocktail party or as a piece of statement jewellery although smaller versions are being developed – while the pendant grants wearers extra flexibility in that it is reversible – one enamelled side and one non-enamelled side that makes matching jewellery with an outfit that little bit simpler!

Just like David and Ann Marie, you may have a special shell that you would like us to include in your own piece of Creel jewellery.

Creel collection 2

To do so, please contact the Sheila Fleet Jewellery team who will be delighted to chat through your ideas and requirements in more detail.

In the meantime, why not browse the full Creel collection or the Tidal Treasures collectionthat both draw inspiration from the fisherman’s creel and the mystical Groatie Buckie.