It’s well known that our collections are designed by Sheila and made by our wonderful team of craftsmen here at the workshop in Orkney but the story of our jewellery collections goes much deeper than this. Here we explain how a collection moves from conception to reality.


Sheila’s inspiration is the starting point for our collections and speaking to her gives an insight into just how much thought goes into each piece of jewellery she designs:

“I like to keep an open mind to everything around me and I strive to make designs meaningful. Sometimes people I meet along the way inspire me and everything just gels into place.

Rainbow collection

“The rainbow collection came about in a year when there was a lot of rain and Rick took countless photos of rainbows. Then I met Tom Mair, a wonderful story teller, and he began to tell me a story about the rainbow as a bridge to heaven on earth; I like to tie in myth and nature and this just seemed right.”


When Sheila is finished designing a piece of jewellery she will consult with Pete the head pattern maker and the two will discuss the design:

Pattern Creation

“Sheila and myself work together when we’re planning the final piece of jewellery. She has a lot of experience in pattern making so she is easy to work with.

“Anything that might be a little bit difficult to achieve is picked up on here and we can work together to change direction slightly. The workshop has to be able to make Sheila’s designs though, saying no isn’t an option.”


When the finished piece is given to Louise it is her job to bring its wide and varied back-story together to provide the customer with a brief insight into the back-story:

“I pull together Sheila’s inspiration and Rick’s photography to create an overall image for each new collection. We photograph the collection on models who can be anyone from local girls to the craftsmen’s wives and we use these images too.

Rainbow rings

“For me it's all about the colours and the landscape when I’m designing. Rick’s photography is very textural and it provides great inspiration for me.”

To read more about Louise’s job with the company read our blog on her here.