Sheila Fleet Jewellery isn’t just a family run business; it feels like a family too! We’re very lucky to work with such fantastic people including our graphic designer, Louise.

Louise has been with Sheila Fleet Jewellery for over five years and is responsible for making elements of our website and printed work look fantastic.


Here Louise tells us what it’s like to work at Sheila Fleet Jewellery in her own words:

“My role with at Sheila Fleet Jewellery is very varied. I design graphics for print and web, create graphics for events and new collections, liaise with publishers, and keep tabs on our social media pages.

Creel social media post

“The best part of my job is keeping the website up-to-date because it means that I get to see the new jewellery collections before anyone, apart from Sheila and Martin that is!”

Like of all of the team here at our Orkney workshop, Louise is kept very busy which is all part of the challenge:

“There’s so much going on at Sheila Fleet Jewellery that sometimes I have a lot on my plate! Keeping on top of deadlines can be tough at times as there are a lot of different events and collections to design for.

Collection design

“I love that I’m given free reign when designing which is every graphic designer’s dream! I obviously consult with Sheila and Martin on our projects and they both have their own ideas but I am definitely free to develop my own which is great.

So can you guess what inspires Louise’s work?…

Louise's desk

“I like to keep my designs focused on the Orkney landscape as it is the inspiration behind so many of Sheila’s designs; there is a sense of freshness that is unique to Orkney and I like to keep my design work grounded in that.”

“We also use a lot of Rick Fleet’s photography in our design for the website and social media which is fab because it’s such good quality work and it reflects Sheila’s designs beautifully.”

Orkney sunset

Visit our Facebook page and, of course, our website to see more of Louise’s work in action.