In Orkney there is so much natural beauty that we’re spoilt for inspiration here at Sheila Fleet Jewellery.

Our collections are often founded in nature and the wonderful sights that we see from our doorstep.

The Sheila Fleet Jewellery team has chosen to delve into three collections with special wildlife-inspired stories behind them:

 The Dolphin Collection

Dolphin Collection

Orkney is surrounded by the deep, dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea; here you can find the beautiful dolphin and its close cousin, the porpoise.

For centuries dolphins have been culturally important; they appear in Greek Mythology and were once considered a good luck charm as the sighting of one riding a ship’s waves was said to bring good fortune to sailors.

We like to think our Dolphin Collection brings good luck too!

The enamel reflects the blues and greys of this beautiful creature as it rides the waves and jumps from the sea.

 The Flight Collection

Flight Collection

The sea cliffs around Orkney provide a haven for seabirds so it’s no surprise that the island is home to some of the largest bird colonies in the United Kingdom.

Fulmars, kittiwakes, geese and guillemots live in the skies and seas around the island making it difficult not to take inspiration from the graceful and elegant lines of birds in flight.

The Flight Collection focuses on the simplicity of the birds’ shape against a deep blue sky.

 The Creel Collection

Creel Collection

The Creel Collection was inspired by our customers David and Anne who have a beautiful engagement story; their request for a bespoke engagement ring influenced by the cowrie shell provided the idea for this collection.

Cowries, known as ‘Groatie Buckies’ by Orcadians, are difficult to find on the shores of Orkney but they are worth the search because they bring good fortune.

The shape and size of these luminescent shells coupled with a story told to Sheila about fishermen finding them caught in creel nets helped mould the final design of this collection; you can really see how nature has inspired us here.

Would you like to know more about our other nature-inspired collections? You can contact the team or hop on over to our Facebook page where we’d be delighted to hear from you.