Back in December we said goodbye to May and the New Year has brought with it a new manager of our Kirkwall store.

Amy is well experienced having worked alongside May in the store for almost seven years; with May having gone it only seemed fitting that Amy should take the reigns.

Kirkwall team

(Amy, second from left)

Here Amy tells us how she feels about the change:

“Working in the shop is lots of fun, I love the customers so to become manager of the store is fab as I’ll still be able to chat to people on a daily basis.


“It’s only been a couple of weeks since I took over but it’s going well so far, I’m sure the position will bring its own challenges but that’s part and parcel of any job.

“I have a lot of experience within the shop and I’ve been to a couple of trade fairs so nothing there is too new to me but I’m off on a buying trip with Martin next week and that’s something I’ve never done.

Christmastime at Sheila Fleet

 (Amy, far right)

“Luckily May is coming with us this time so she can show me the ropes and I might insist that she comes along next time too to make sure I’m doing everything right!

“There’s so many aspects of my job that I love but I’d say meeting the customers is my favourite thing.

“We get a lot of tourists arriving on cruise liners and every now and then we have customers from Australia, New Zealand and America that come to Orkney to trace their ancestors; their stories are always so interesting and I know that every day I’ll meet someone new with their own fascinating tale.

Croft renovations 1

“I like to think of myself as quite an arty person so I’m looking forward to creating the window displays in the shop; May always dressed the windows beautifully so I have big shoes to fill in that respect.

“I’d like to say I have lots of wonderful hobbies but they’ve all been long forgotten because for the past six years my fiancée and I have been renovating our home.

Croft renovations 2

“We took the roof off and replaced almost every single slate so I feel like I know each corner of the house inside and out.

Croft renovations 3

“When I do get a spare moment I love to walk and luckily I have an almost endless choice of routes; there are so many beautiful places to see on Orkney and the beaches are glorious whether it’s sunny or raining!”

Finished croft

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